Preferred Bars???

Hey guys, I am in the market for a set of bars for my 426. Anyone have a favorite? I am currently looking at the TAG T2 bars. Let's hear it!


Pro Tapers. :thumbsup: You may need a new upper tree.

Home Plate Pub......

:lol::devil: MOUNTAIN SUN, BOULDER CO :thumbsup::awww::D

Dodger :lol:

Pro Tapers Hawkins woods high bend. Tall and narrow. I think the pastrana freestyle bends are higher and the same width but I didn't like the color choices that were available at the time I got my bars.

My favorite bar? Any place that sells fresh hand-drawn Fuller's ESB. :thumbsup:

Pastrana FS on adjustabe top clamp. Excellent for tall riders.


Ape Hangers :thumbsup:

Pro-Tapers for sure :thumbsup:

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