Need some help, stalling when i pull in clutch

My 01 426 has been stalling when i pull the clutch in. I changed the plug and new air filter w/ pj1 aerosol filter oil. My plugs are a little black but the bike accelerated great. when i chop the throttle i get a little popping. Could I have turned the idling pin when I choked or hot started? Im not great with carb work and need some suggestions. This just started. Thanks.

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Does it die in neutral? Are you sure the problem isn't that the clutch isn't engaging properly? Are you using an after market perch and lever such as the MSR? Or has the clutch cable ever been replaced?

I have a bad habbit of giving the bike some keep alive revs when I pull in the clutch and cant hear the bike. Its a bad idea because most of the time it just creates a rich condition and stalls the bike. I got that habbit from riding smokers and its kinda hard for me to break. Just remember the YZF will go down to a smooth idle naturally and stay lit if its jetted OK.

I know this has little to do with your question, I just though Id share some experiences.

yea it does slowly die in neutral. I think it might be a carb prob, and ive only tightened the clutch cable. Could it be the pj1 filter oil? I couldve put it on too thick but when i gave it a squeeze, the oil didnt run. To yak, i let it idle, that wasnt to hard of a habit to break.

I rode it a week prior and it ran fantastic. I ran down my street after i washed it my neighbor said he saw some flames.

Thanks for the replies, have any more suggestions?

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Can anyone else make any suggestions before i tear into it?


I am not sure is this applies, but I some threads on the nuetral switch and a blue wire in th emain wiring harness. Do a search for nuetral switch and blue wire. See what you get. :)

Originally posted by whippina426:

Can anyone else make any suggestions before i tear into it?


Umm, have you tried upping the idle speed? That is the black knob under the choke.

Also, you may try adjusting the idle mix. Let the bike warm up (turn up the idle speed knob to keep it running), turn the idle back down to a slow lope and adjust the idle mixture screw to give you the highest idle speed.

Hope this helps.

You said the plug was a little black which means it is running rich. How about the tail pipe, is there a heavy souit? If so, another indication the bike is running rich. What octane are you running? It should me a minimum of 95. Try running race gas at 103 octane, that may correct your problem.

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