Need some ideas on handle bar height

Well maybe you TT'ers can give me a idea what to do here. I'm 6'7 and because of that the bike feels wierd when I'm standing up. Most of my height is in my torso so when I'm standing I have to crank my head up to be able to look far ahead because I'm so far above the bike when standing that I am almost doubled over to reach the handle bars. This sucks! I already have a triple clamp with the GP stabalizer attached to it but I'm hoping there is some way to get the handle bars up a few inches to make the ride more comfortable for me. I should take a picture of my body position when standing so you can see my dilema. Anyway if anyone has any ideas I would appreciate it.

Gidday, I have the same problem and the way I overcame this is to use high bend bars from renthal and bar raises. Together they should give you about 3.5 cm extra height but make sure your throttle cables don't bind on full lock. Its not alot of extra clearance but It reduces that cramped feel. Cheers.

I had a guy at work make me a pair of risers (spacers) that gave me another 1.5 inches. I was afraid to go any higher because of the potential for binding cables. I'm only 6'3", but have the same problem. They are essentially spacers that sit on the original bar rests, and are sandwiched in with longer bolts. The last all day ride was in Kentucky, at Turkey Bay, and it was noticeably more comfortable. The main thing you want to watch for is your decompression release cable. I'm not sure how far you can go, but the extra height in mine made a big difference. Luckily, I have access to a full machine shop, and some pretty talented guys. Send me a private e-mail, and I will try to get a couple of pictures to you.

Good Luck,

Gary :thumbsup:

I am 6'2" and had the same problem. Just didn't feel comfortable standing. I bought some new fat bars and had to install adapters to the stock mounts. I used the CR High bend bars and with the adapters it raised the bars, maybe about 1 inch to 1.5 inches. It made a big difference. Hope you find what works :thumbsup:

just be careful and not go too tall with your bar mounts. if you go with really tall bar mounts it will have a bad effect on your steering stab. post.

stay around 1.5 on the bar mounts and instead look around for tall bars with little sweep (pull back). the cr high is a great start but you can go even taller. most of the bar makers sell bar bends that will go to 108, 110, 115, etc.

get your bar mounts to an acceptable height, i.e. 1.5 and leave them there. instead mess around with taller bends. like i said, if you go too tall with your bar mounts the added pressure will cause troubles with your dampener post.

i use a tag sx high bend: 104 height 61 sweep.

i like just a little bit of sweep. i messed around with another bend witch was 115 but only had 57 sweep. the problem with the super non sweep bars is the sweep is ok, but the bars tend to curve up near the grips which tends to put too much pressure on the forearms.

another bend i'm thinking about trying is a cr double hi from tag: 115 height, 62 sweep. this is the one i should have ordered last time. i think it will be the perfect combo of height and sweep.

you always want a nice tall bar setup, especially if you ride dez. but due to the layout of the 650 you're always gonna be bent just a little. in your case a lot. but that aint such a bad thing. watch campbell on a valley crossing. he's practically kissin the fender. :thumbsup:

Right on TC. That sounds like the best bet so far. I'm going to check out those 116/62's. Thanks for the help! :thumbsup:

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