anybody played with high speed adjust on damper

Has anybody adjusted the high speed setting on their Scotts damper. I want to on mine but I have heard not to play with it unless you really know what you are doing. I am more of the lets try something and see what happens kinda guy. I have only had the damper for about four months and I do not want to damage it. It help will be appreciated

thanks guys


y2k wr, airbox lid and baffle removed, 180 main, 45 pilot, 426yz er needle,

wr timing

I never heard you weren't supposed to mess with it. Why put the adjuster on if you're not?????

yes, I did tighten the high speed and loosen the low speed. I really don't want to feel the damper unless I'm either glancing off something that makes the bars jerk OR hitting something extremely hard.

Here's a test you do. Put the bike on a stand. Write down where you're settings are now, so if you need to you can go back.

Now violently tug the bars from side to side, avoiding hitting the stops. The damper should work as you emulate a real hit. Now adjust the high speed up until it catches the movement during a violent tug.

You DO NOT want damping upon casual steering, so be sure you test low speed bar movement as well. You can get it real close this way.

But DO NOT be afraid to move the clickers some. I would advise against changing the high speed without putting it on a stand and doing the above test. 10 degrees on clicker movement does A LOT! after a certain point.

Good luck. Scotts is real good about answering questions, do not hesitate to call them.

The more you increase the low, the damper will automatically affect

thanks for the input I will play with it this week and see what happens this weekend. I hope to get it all dialed in I am going to try my first desert race in a couple of weeks.


y2k wr, airbox lid and baffle removed, 180 main, 45 pilot, 426yz er needle,

wr timing

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