Worth the wait for the new 450???

Hey guys, just looking for a little imput on whether or not it is worth waiting for the new 450. I can pick up a brand new 02' 426 for 5000 otd and I am really torn as to what to do??

Wait or buy now??

Its alot cheaper now, but am I going to miss out on a awesome bike even though it only has 4 gears??

I am sure it will rock, but enough to justify 1500 bucks and 3 months wait???

What do you think??

Man if you could get the 02 for 5$ i would by that. The new 450 sounds good, but i think in 04 the 450 will have 5 gears. My 426 has all that i need, i think your paying the money for less weight and to me the weight of the 426 is perfect.My brother just bought the wr 450 he wont get it until september, Im going to see how he likes it and see how other people like the new 450. I know yamaha makes the best bike but i think im going to see how the other thumper riders like the new bike. Im not saying the 450 isnt going to be a good bike but realy know one has had it for a few months. The 426 is the best 4-stroke made, with that bike you know what you are getting,"THE BEST 4-BIKE MADE"" :)

Well, this of course is up to you, and Im some what bias cuz I recently got my 02' 426. :)

But, some things to think about, look at any new model machine, wether it be a car, truck or dirt bike, there are always, yes ALWAYS recalls, and things that should be recalled but arent. Just now are some guys with the 02'CRF450 admitting to the numerous problems with that bike. Look at the over 100 changes made to the CRF for the '03. Scary thought, specially for the resale value of the '02.................

The 02'426 is a machine broughtup through the 400's and developed into the perfect bike, in my opinion, no more bugs and you dont have to spend $1000 bucks to make it ride worthy after purchase (cept for the handlebars, he he) :D

Your budget may be the deciding factor, if you can buy a new bike every year or two, then hell, get the '450, if not and your looking for proven reliablitiy, think 02' 426.

The new Motocross or dirt rider (august) , cant remember which, states that the 450 has something like 156 detailed changes, mostly to the engine.....

just wait for the YZ450F.

-starts easier



isn't that enough to wait?

I would wait for sure even if it's 1,500 more it's worth it,This bike will get all the raves for 2003,and it will have a better resale value when you go to sell it.

Well I think I want to buy one with you!!! Heck, even though the resale value on a 450 will be better, you have to remember that it is also gonna cost ya 1500 bucks more! So actually, after all saled and done you might get the better deal with the 02 426. But you have to remember that you'll be "eskrimen fas"!

If your racing the Nationals wait. If not, buy now. Ask yourself this, will the 426 hold me back from doing what I could do on the 450? Not to slam you, but Im betting no. I was all fired up to buy a new one, but Ive got my 2000 426 so good now, Im not sure I wouldnt be going backwards.

If you happen to be sitting on a wad of cash that is about to burst into flames, you have something to think about.

Do you have a bike now? If so, whats the problem with waiting for a new one? If not, I understand the pants on fire attitude about getting a bike. I know what thats like, I'll pace back and forth for hours just thinkin about a new scoot. I wore out the carpet in front of my bench in the garage waiting for my thumper to come in, and I bought it used. Imagine this, I looked at 13 bikes before I bought mine. How fired up would you be then?

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