Best chain and sprockets for the money?

My chain has a link out of it, and my sprocket teeth now look like very small sloping triangles. Does anyone have a suggestion for the best chain and spocket set for the money? I ride in slop alot, and I have sorta a small budget. I just need something to not stretch every ride.. :thumbsup:

I am well aware of the ironmans, I really wanted the regina o-ring and ironman combo, but is it really worth the 170 bucks?

I just replaced the chain and sprockets on my 00 426. Went with an RK O-Ring SO 520-116 link chain and a 14/52 set of Renthal front and rear. (rear - aluminum and front steel) Very happy with everything and the wear. Total cost was around 130 for everything.

I also have found the the 14/52 gearing is the perfect combo for Motocross and Hare Scrambles.

Hope this helps. :devil::thumbsup:

The best deal I know of is the Gold O-ring chain from Regina. It runs about $75-$80. I've owned 3 and have yet to discard one because it streched. Renthal buys this chain with their name applied to it and sells it for much more. That part I would not compromise on.

The sprockets are another deal. A stock front is $15, a Tag or Renthal is $25. Tags last twice as long as the stock ones usually. Do the math.

Ironman rear sprockets are a great buy at $90 and they last a very long time (they're chrome-moly steel) and are only a little heavier than a good alloy cog. An inexpensive rear like a JR or a Sunstar will cost $35, But an Ironman might last more than three times as long. If you use a good chain, the fact that it doesn't stretch will make any sprocket last longer.

Titax UltraLight chromoly hands down...their everyu bit as good and light as the iron man sprockets, but their only 49 bucks. Ive had one of my 426 for over a year now and it shows almost no signs of wear. It weighs nearly just as much as the aluminum ones but lasts WAY longer. Ive tried renthal, sunstar, and a couple others but they dont last me more than 6 months and im a quite religous about keeping my chain clean, lubed and adjusted. At least check them out at As for chains, i had a renthal one but it was junk...stretched like it was going out of style. I put a DID x-ring on when i put the titax sprocket and adjusted it once and havent touched it since. A little expensive, but well worth the price!

Everyone has an opinion. Here is my setup:

Rental Ultra light front sprocket

AFAM rear sprocket

EK MRDL chain

primary drive steel rear $14.99 front steel 9.99 i've got a d.i.d o ring i've had renthal and they are good but i was in a pinch and bought the cheapest stuff not expecting much but they are doing very well but their alum rear is 29.99 but i've heard it shreads up too fast. any x-ring or o-ring chain will last lots longer than a regular one so take your pick which ever brand you like

A good x-ring chain (such as the DID VM or Regina ZRH z-ring) would be a great chain for the money. The longest lasting chain I have seen is the DID ERV-2, but you pay a price premium so it's probably not the best value. You want a steel rear sprocket. If you need/want light weight then go Ironman Sprockets, these even include a one year wear warranty. If you don't care about a couple extra pounds on the rear then get something like a JT Sprockets steel rear (around $30). They key to long life is steel rear and o-ring or x-ring chain. :thumbsup:

ERV-2 :thumbsup:

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