anyone using a pro taper top clamp?

i was looking at the yamaha gytr parts and saw pro taper tall handlebar mounts. it doesnt specify if they are for solid or rubber mounted clamps.

i suspect that the mounts for both clamps are the same. does anyone know for sure?


um, i just realized that those mounts are for the gytr clamp.

does anyone know if they make tall handlebar mounts for a pro taper rubber mounted clamp?

Yes they do. go to and it is all there. I am looking at the taller mounts myself. I really like my Protaper camps I have them in the most forward postion. Good luck

I have the serco copy of the pro taper top clamp, set all the way forward. Awesome product for tall people

yea, i really like how the clamp opens the bike up. i got a woods high bend but im still crouched over a bit when standing. i think im gonna try the 35mm risers. :thumbsup:

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