Cam Chain Tension Reminder

Hey ya'll, I'm just giving everyone a friendly reminder of how important it is to keep your cam chain tension correct. I haven't messed with mine and my chain streched itself and broke, bending 3 valves and ruining my camshafts.......all an all it's going to cost me $1400 big ones to get it fixed, not a small chunk for a 15 year old. Just remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! :thumbsup:

Are you using a 450 cam

Mine cam chain became loose causing 3 intake to hit the piston. It shouldnt cost you 1400 if you do the work yourself as we did, and I am 15 years old.

For the 3 intake and head gasket was around 70 bucks, new cam chain is another 30 bucks, so breaking 100 right here. New cams, 160 for a new hotcam intake, so 260 bucks for the hardware. Extra tools; flywheel puller 16 bucks, valve lapping compound 2 bucks, valve spring compressor 18 bucks, valve lapper 6 bucks. Do the work your self and you should be fine.

is the camchain manual or automatic adjustment?

you can use a 450 chain in a 426?

you can use a 450 chain in a 426?


cam chain tension is automatic

They will fix your head, no problem!

My 03 needed 1 valve, but 3 seats were bad...

he did 5 seats new seals, a little Tig work to fix a dent (from valve), full inspection, and re shimmed to spec!

I bought the valve and seals and sent them to him, but my total was only 190.00!

No question in my mind it was $ well spent! :thumbsup:


may i noe how u keep ur cam chain tension correck?

when the later posts says its automatic?


No need to check the cam chain tension. If you really want to, pull off the tappet cover and check that the chain is taut between the cams. If it is, the tensioner is working correctly. This style of tensioner very rarely fail. You can remove the tensioner and clean and inspect it if you have some time to waste (check the manual for the correct procedure) . This would be a good time to see how far the tensioner is extended, giving you a pretty good idea of camchain stretch (providing original cams are installed and the deckheight hasnt been changed) . Unfortunately Yamaha don't give a measurment for a set number of links. If anyone has a brand new 426 chain they can measure 20 link length on, it would be greatly appreciated.

I replace my chain at the end of every season. Only costs about $34.00 for a chain and a one time cost of $15.00 for a flywheel puller. Takes about 30-45 minutes and most of that time is spent removing the tank and valve cover.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

The 450 and 426 and 400 use the same style of tensioner. The 450 is shorter. When installed in the 4xx bikes, you can rotate the carb like a 2 stroke to get EASY access to the float bowl.

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