TOP Troll solutions.......>>>>>>>>


Your The Weakest Link


BRP, that you?

"XR650R '01 (aka Big Red Pig)"

I was missin' your big seized bike haulin' diesel Dodge Sunday........426 way heavier than the RM!!!

Mile long "hike a bike" No good to pushy pushy.

Thx for the support guys!!! :D

I think I may getting older and wizzer or........

My blood pressure is LOWER!


Maybe I am just starting to paying More attention to the regulars and just skimming thru the rest.

AND NO I am NOT ripping on the new guys!!! :D

I just have a tendancy to skim rather than get in depth.

ALthough , MANY have good / legitimate questions and some good input too!

Welcome AGAIN whitey!!! :D

And HERE>>>>>> is some advise if someone razzes you a little!!!! :)10.gif

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Dang dbl posts!!! :)

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We haven't met. I'm way south, below Sierra Vista.

Don't even own a "seized truck" to haul my dual sported BRP around in, so I stay local. You are right about the BRP being no good for pushing. I pack a tow strap in my saddlebags and always carry a cell phone when riding alone. :)

OMG! You guys can’t admit when you’re wrong? Or what? My post was only in response to the negative connotations that TRH represented at the beginning of this thread. Your going to tell me that the animations that TRH post we’re directed towards anybody? Come on, it was directed right towards someone, and it so happened, that a new member posted right before this thread was so turned off by the fact that everyone “SKIMMED” right by him only to be called a troll in the next thread, or so it really looked like it. If I’m wrong help me understand why/who you were referring too? And to clarify, I didn’t call anybody but myself a “TROLL”, due to the fact I don’t own a Yamaha, (YET). I don’t make it over to this Forum as often as I would like, so I didn’t just sit back and let everyone flame. I think you guys do offer great advice regarding the bikes we all ride, that’s why we are here. I think that sometimes others, that are “REGULARS”, fail to realize that people that come to TT to seek advice don’t understand your same humor or when it’s directed at them. That’s why I was so burned by the fact that it really looked like, by this very thread, you guys (TRH) purposely were harassing new members. As I can see now, that was not the case towards Mighty Whitey. Because I would like to put this to rest so we can all move on. Again I was mad, as you guys should be, if you recommended this site to a friend, told him how cool all of you are, only to be called a troll. ALL of you would have been pretty pissed too. After reading your valid responses I feel a lot better about how you guys feel/treat new members. So too sum this up.

1. I am not an angry person.

2. I am real glad to see that that site, I have so much faith in, still rocks.

3. TRH does sound like a pretty up & up dude.

4. I think the best members are probably tweaken their bike right now and not tapping the keyboard.

5. I really do like the animations.

Peace Out


B4 you "profile" me........take a look at the following......note the times!!!Again......note the times!!!<font color=blue>HUCKER HUCKER

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posted July 29, 2002 06:01 PM


I think THIS>>>>> will work the best.........

.......any other suggestions EGO.......



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posted July 29, 2002 06:01 PM

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posted July 29, 2002 07:41 PM


Hey guys. What would you recommend I do to a 2001 YZ426f to make it a better trail bike. Smaller front sprocket? Weighted fly wheel? Just wondering how I can give it some more low end torque, to compensate for tight, low speed riding. Thanks.

Once AGAIN note the times..........

My TROLL post was 1hr40min b4 the post by whitey.!

I dont know if this time is exact , but that is what the threads are showing and bottom line is that I would NEVER direct any criticizm to new guys until I at least kinda figure them out and they have a chance to figure out my "humor".

I already explained to /and appologized to whitey for any mis taken criticism. It was not directed at him OR any other NEW person!

I am not sure why I am explaining myself other than to reassure myself that I am NOT an Bungholeo regardless of what ONE person that does not even know me thinks!

Sorry you may think this but if you still do ......then you are simply wrong about me. I am no perty/perfect lil' church boy (no offense meant!) but you'll have to get used to some of my "bad/weird" humor over here on the 450/426/400 side of TT

<center> Once again <font color=blue>Welcome Whitey!</center>

And if you look at my "profile" you will see that during that night I was over on the 250f side checking it out and had a post on the "controling trolls??" (or something like that) thread.

Simply check the times of the posts and they dont add up!


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The perfect cure for this thread gone bad is to unplug and go for a ride. Thumpin'Rock Hucker, your stuff is helpful and funny. Chaz, your intentions are good but mellow out. Let the new guys (like myself) defend themselves. Let's get back to bike stuff.

Canadians..............the best peace keepers in the world (with a little help from the US of course) :)

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You handled that bit of abuse very well. Didn't see any apology from Chaz so I guess the best support you're going to get is from the TT regulars.

Take care.

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This is the big blue board.

We make fun of each other.

If you can't handle it go to the little green bike board, thats why it's there.

Amen to what Beezer said. And I think Hucker is a perfect lil angel that would make his mother proud. :)

OK, OK, I get the hint. Blue is thicker than Green over here. I was just over in the first place due to my buddy getting a real nice Blue bike. But hey, I don't get any of the drama over on that board. Nice to see we can all move on.


Ok, I feel a certain responsibility for this whole mess. I did in fact get skimmed, no big deal, but after reading the “Troll” thing I just figured that it might have something to do with new members trying to suck info out of veteran members without pitching in so to speak. I am an active poster over at Allcoast sportfishing, and a few tech computer boards and a troll is often referred to in that manner. So, my first course of action was to contact Chazlom, a good friend of mine, over the phone and ask him what the definition of a troll was in regards to TT. He did not know, so I asked him to look at my post and the Troll post and tell me what he thought. We both concurred that it was a derogatory remark that may be directed towards me. So, instead of publicly responding I began to PM Thumpin Rock Hucker. We corresponded for a while and the whole matter was nicely cleared up. Unfortunately I failed to relay this information to Chazlom in time and well, you all read the post. So, please consider this before running Chaz out of the “BIG” blue board. He’s a good guy with good intentions. I’m sure you would all do the same for a good friend. As Chaz put it nicely… “if you recommended this site to a friend, told him how cool all of you are, only to be called a troll. ALL of you would have been pretty pissed too.” Thanks for the WELCOME TRH. Hope to learn and share with all of you for a long time.


Hey Whitey....

Let Chaz know there are no hard feelings with myself and to come on back to the blue side.

We dont care what color of bike you ride as long as you have useful ////.......OR funny info!!! :)

Peace! chaz


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