So There i was about 30 miles into the monkey wrench XC in the top ten of the sen am class. Then nothing.No spark No go NO nothing.I pulled and checked every conection changed the plug,cut my kill button still nothing.My first DNF.I just had to wait for the sweepers to help push to the nearest road.{ A big thankes to the voluteers who keep these races going}Then a 7 hour drive home wondering what wet wrong.Well i found out when i removed the stator side cover. There it was a bolt backed out of the rotor and distroyed the rotor and the stator. :thumbsup: I'm now waiting for the local dealer to call yamaha canada to see if the can do anthing for me.

2003 model?

yup an 03, any sujestions?

man sure sounds like some blue loctite thread sealant would have prevented that from happening

ya i wish the factory would have done that.

well dont feel along, yamaha has never heard of this problem, even though it started last year. about 8 pages in to the woodruff key subject, this rotor bolt problem started appearing. blue loctite might help, but maybe other remidey needed. most folks didnt try to hard to get yamaha to fix it and just did it there selves. except me, mine is still gator mouthed on the left side. look at post on stator fault / some ideals there on the upgrade on these bolts. :thumbsup: i also had a DNF from this bike and had to ride the big kwacker harder than usual to make up lost points.

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