Attn Oregon Dunes Riders

Hey SMP and others, I just got back a week ago from riding in North Bend, and on the first day I got a ticket for noise riding down Houser road. I had put my stock pipe on at Marc's suggestion, but it registered 99db and earned me a ticket. $75 if I didn't fix it, or $15 if I did. I went down to the local Polaris shop and asked about some options. I ordered a White Brothers Vortip (for a WR) and we welded it onto the stock silencer end-cap. The end-cap gets destroyed in this mod, but it silenced the bike considerably. I had it checked again when a ranger drove through camp, and it measured 93db!!! The ranger that re-tested my bike said it was the only YZ 426 he'd known to pass!!! The Vortip does restrict the exhaust, but honestly I didn't notice much of a power loss. I had a ball. Those dunes rock! We'll be back next year.


Hey Glen,

Sorry to hear about the ticket. I did not see any rangers the last time I was out...a good thing I guess!! I better look into getting that tip you installed. Glad you enjoyed your trip to the Oregon Dunes, I will never get tired of it. My finacee ordered a 03 Limited Raptor(all black), which should be in any time, then we can hit the dunes again.

Let us know if you notice any more of a power decrease in your regular riding with the tip installed.

What was the rest of your setup like and how well did it work?


In the CRF forum someone had a picture of a bike with a HUDGE FMF silencer on it. It looked a couple inches longer than stock. I want to say it had a Q on the sticker. Anyway, is anyone familiar with this silencer, and if so does it really cut the noise significantly without killing the power?

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