Trail riding with a 426f

Hey guys. What would you recommend I do to a 2001 YZ426f to make it a better trail bike. Smaller front sprocket? Weighted fly wheel? Just wondering how I can give it some more low end torque, to compensate for tight, low speed riding. Thanks.

I had my suspension revalved to fit my style/weight. I didn't change the gearing at all. I have a 50T rear sprocket because that's all I could find when I replaced the last set. I'll probably go back to stock gearing on the next exchange.


I have a 12 oz flywheel weight on my 400, :) made a world of difference. No more stalling when I tap the rear brake. I bought the bolt on kind and installed it myself. I got it from I can lug a taller gear in the woods. I thought I went to light at first but if I would have gone heavier it would have robbed power I think. I ride mostly woods.

I put a 52t on and its awsome in the woods and it's nice in the tight stuff. Putting the 52 on realy do to much with the speed. Good luck. :)

I put a Steahly 14oz. flywheel on and went to a 13T front sprocket.

This works great for me


My 2002 YZ 426 is stock and I haven't had a problem in the woods. Even in the tight and twisty trails.

Does anyone ever WR time a YZ? If so,what are the results? :)

I put a 13-tooth sprocket on the front and liked it. Now I have a 12-tooth and it is good for the tight stuff, but not so good for fast stuff. The the chain and rear sprocket are still stock. I need to get out riding more. :)



Pm me and we will get out some wkend...

I have sun/mon off so either of those days will work for me.........except this coming wkend.


and a wedding on FRi!

Pm me with a # or email and we always have someone to ride with!

Usually around Jericho and Stansbury front. Mostly Jericho.


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