47 tooth Sprocket question?

In the July issue of motocross action I read: "The MXA test crew use a 47 tooth rear sprocket on there 2004 YZ450Fs to take a little hit out of their bikes" just wondering if anyone has tried this sprocket,

and if so do/did you like it? :devil:

Thanks :thumbsup:

I ran the 47 last year and loved it. I am picking my new one up today. They are very good at getting the bottom & mid to be more tractable/useable. I find it to be a great size, but it depends on the rider...weight, skill level, type of riding...for me, it's been great.



I just put a 46 on my bike. I had a 49 and it seemed to hit a little to hard for me. I mostly ride woods and little motocross. The 46 seems to hook up better in the tight woods.

On my 03, I installed the 47 w/15. This CALMED the beast (hit).

I have a 47 on the rear as well, and ride mostly tracks. I've found that for the longer, open tracks that it works great, and on shorter, tighter tracks, for me its a toss up between the 47 and the stock 48. I definitely say its worth trying though.

Thanks guys, I think I'll give it a try. :thumbsup:

I use a 15/49, which is almost exactly the same ratio as a 14/46. It works very well on an MX course, and gives me an adequate top speed for the desert. A little tall for really tight trails, but with a good clutch it's OK.

i ran the 47 for most of last season ... it works well ... makes 2nd gear pretty useable. i just switched to a 52 since I ride mostly tracks and the 47 didn't quite do it for me. I suppose it takes some of the "hit" away ... but not enough to make a difference. The only thing that takes the hit away is riding ... getting in riding shape ... then it's no big deal.

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