thinking of a YZ450F or 426

I am looking for a uesd beast and am wondering if any yama owners have any input for what i should look out for(besides the basics of a uesd bike)this will be my first yamaha so wish me luck :thumbsup:

Hay after owning a 03 450 then updradeing to a 04 450 and raceing both machines in crosscrounty and motocross I would highly surgest the you get the 04 over the 03. Althought the bike is pretty much the same, from year to year, the way the bike rides is no where the same, I do alot of trailrideing as training and the 04 really shines in the tight staff. The power is alot more useable on the 04 and the front forks are a huge inprovement. Get the suspension set tp for you and youll have a great bike. Good luck.

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