What type of grease for suspension?

I am in the process of rebuilding my rear suspension and I wondering what type of grease to use. I have boat trailer wheel bearing grease which is very thick and I have this moly disulfide grease which seems kind of thin. I want to use the trailer bearing grease cuz it seems it will hold up longer during washings, etc... Let me know what you think????

IMHO, follow the manual. It calls for moly grease on most places with lithium based grease (your trailer wheel bearing stuff) in only a few places.

to be honest, any waterproof grease will work good. i simply use red grease that we have at work. it is high-temp, waterproof, multipurpose grease.

Anything but stock buttgrease.

I use Belray Waterproof.

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Nilla said: "to be honest, any waterproof grease will work good. i simply use red grease that we have at work. it is high-temp, waterproof, multipurpose grease"

I agree. I might add that the red grease should also be high pressure. It's all that I use for bearings (stearing head, wheel, suspension, etc)and even the axle bolt. I did use a ton of anitseize compound (instead of the red grease)on the swingarm pivot bolt to prevent corrosion and


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So KY jelly is a No-No :)

HAHAHHAHAHAHA KY!!!!!! you can use that to lube the engine with, but it may clog your oil filter! just pull out the filter and you'll be fine!

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