Trick WRF Grips

Just ordered these grips the other day. I just love them. They really make my WR look great. 4463P1013797.JPG:thumbsup:

Ok... Where did you get those?

Bad ass!!


do they have yzf ones?

well actually I just went to ebay and typed in (Yamaha WR) and I saw the grips and I just had to have them! I also did some research on the internet and found them here online WR and YZ Grips

Actually ebay has some right now for sale. WRF Racing Grips

I'll second that. Mine have YZ printed on them, but the grip is the same. They have a nice soft vibration obsobing clear outer, worth their weight in gold on the 2 smoke.

I definately do NOT like them! Not the design, but that they are too big diameter and you do not have good/strong grip. They are made from two parts. The inner one with the picture on it and the outer transperant one. If the two parts separate the picture get messy. Also with time the outer part gets yellow.

Just my 2 euro cents

BTW if you have big hands, maybe thay will be better bet...

yeah maybe your are right, but well see in about a year from now how good of shape they are still in. I think they look great. Alot better than just a stock/handle bar grip

Dude, don't listen to the d!ckheads. If you like them that's all that counts. We are talking about some cheap grips here, not an expensive exhaust or something. BTW, I picked some up for the hell of it. :thumbsup:

LOL, yeah I was thinking the same thing. I like them and that's all that matters. :thumbsup:

I have those grips on my R1 and the rubber is too hard for off road riding. Off road grips are real soft and wear out in a couple of weekends. My R1 grips have been on the bike for 2 years. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the D!ckheads. BTW I like orange color very much, maybe I must ride KTM :thumbsup:

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