02' WR426 or 02' YZ426?? Which one should I get??

I found a great deal on a new 02' WR426F ($5100) and also a new 02' YZ426F ($4800). Which one should I get?? I plan on mostly doing trail riding. I might want to try to make the bike street legal so I do not get a ticket on the way to the trails in my neighborhood. I can not see paying another $1500 for the 450. I am just getting back into riding. Hell, the 426's are probably more bike than I need. Any thoughts on this. I appreciate the help.


01' R*

I had the same problem before buying. Now that I have the YZF the only way I would buy a WR is if I could keep my YZF also. I ride about 50/50 woods and MX. All I have to do to go woods riding is install bark buster and change out my front sprocket to one less tooth. The YZF is an awsome MX bike and a WR is not made for MX. In 02' the WR has a large fuel tank which makes you ride farther back on the seat which is not as good for cornering. Thats why the 03 WR450 has changed to a YZ tank and seat. Hope this helps, both bikes are great......

I bought my 02 YZ426 after 13 years of having no dirt bike. This weekend I rode in the Talladega national forest. It could use a bit more flywheel, but it does have the power! I may look into a light kit, but the power and suspension are great.

I would definately say to get the 426. I have a '01 426 and it is a lethal woods bike and is awesome at the track. The WR's need a lot done to them to get the same performance of a YZF but do have the added bonus of lights. Just my 2 cents.


hey, I have a real nice 02' 426 I'm planing to sell real soon..I have a 450 on order.

My 426 has black excel rims n-style graphics and I have a scotts steering stablizer and protapers. I'll include for 4500$

GNCCJON-I am considering black excels and would like to see a picture of your bike if you could post it. Thanks

Like this47b2d627b3127cce9f39a06540e20000001410 or this47b2d905b3127cce9f75540da7cb0000003410:)

Thanks and I know this is picky, but how do they look with stock plastic and graphics? I like the look of black rims on any bike as they blend into the tires, but I just do not know how the black and blue will go together without any other black plastic, etc. Thanks

This isn't the best pic but the only one i have in this color scheme. 47b2d627b3127cce9f39fb7b81790000005410

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This is for the guys who run a basically stock YZ426 in the woods with the stock YZ gas tank....what kind of mileage do you get from a tank of fuel? I know that terrain is a factor as is riding style, I'm riding in Eastern Canada, pretty tight , muddy with a few fire roads mixed in so can anybody help with this??

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