Top Five Mods

I just got a '00 426F (Stock) and I was wondering what everyone's top five modifications are?



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1. New chain and sprockets.

2. New bars.

3. Dial in the suspension.

4. Either extend the clutch actuator arm or get a Raptor lever.

5. Carb tweaks (BK mod, proper jetting).

Enjoy your new bike!!

I bought 00 used with about 10 hrs on it.

The guy did absolutly nothing but put some pro tapers on, applied Top Triple (Cuz He hit a tree and bent the stock :) )and an White Bros R4 Exhaust

I have done only, the BKmod, Blue Wire, Jetting, new UNI Dual Stage, chain, Foot Peg Mod, dialed the supspension and new Dunlop 756's frnt & rear. Plus I have torn it down once complete to grease everything from axle to axle and make sure all nuts and bolts are torqued to spec.

I plan on this winter, Port Polish the heads, refreash top end, 01 clutch basket.

The beast is a berm busting, wheelie prone, EGO Crashing Monster. I love it.

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Best mod you can make is new graphics.

It makes you go faster and all the chicks dig ya! :)

Besides, can you think of a better way to spend $120-$150?

well after the obvious bars, graphics, chain and sprox, grapics, and all that, i would go with:

-fmf powerbomb and ti-4 silencer

-varner motorsports engine mods

-hydraulic clutch from magura

-bk carb and blue wire mod

-Hot cam racing cams

not necessarily in that order tho.

ego...whats a footpeg mod? just sharpening 'em up?

Best mod I did was (1.)adjusting the TPS. After that, (2)the Thunder Alley exhuast, (I dumped a White Bros. unit for it). Then Id say(3) getting the suspension done. (4) Going down two teeth on the rear to a 51. (5) Getting rid of the K490 front tire for a 756.

Sorry everyone, I keep popping up and asking questions that I'm sure everyone else has asked. lol. What is the blue wire mod? E.G.O, you seem to know alot, maybe you could let me know about it...thx



the peg mod is for those that have a size 11 + foot and need an extra 1/2 inch (Funny Thats what She Said)

any way the peg has a welded spacer on the bottom side if you take the peg off.

The mod is to hack saw that spacer off

De-burr and round the edges

then place the spacer on the front side of the peg

It lowers and pulls back (Moves closer to rear) the peg about 1/2 both ways.

You have to swap the spring right side left side to make it work.

Ergonomicly, that was the best mod for me....

The Blue Wire is the mythical mod that changes (Some Say) the spark discharge @ idle making it stronger. It is in fact a myth, an urban legend a fantasy per-say.

Some sware it helped with hard starting problems, For me I did not have problems starting it.

Anyway all these mods and then some are at motomans web site

Clik me to Motomans site


You trying to get on me good side, or are you an old troll ?

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