Handlebar Question

I just got done installing a set of FLY AERO Taper bars on my bike.I am a big guy so I went with the CR HI bend.The adapter kit raised the bar height approximately 3/4 of an inch.After I had everything installed I noticed that there is NO slack in my front brake cable.I realize tthat the adapter and the higher bars are the culprit but what I need to know is Do I need slck in the front brake cable? It is not binding the front brake any,If I do need cable slack do I need to cut the bars or can I just loosen up the guides and slide some of the line up from the caliper(IT looks like there maybe a little extra cable where it loops out of the caliper.)Has anyone experinced this? If so any imput or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.I really like the feel of the higher bars and I also like the width so I would rather not cut them if possible.

'01 YZ 426

'01 CR 125

It's really a hose since it's hydrolic brakes so it won't apply the brakes by stretching the hose, BUT it's dangerous if the hose is being stretched because it might come apart if it's stretched enough. Look at it carefully and if you think it's under more tension than it should be then all you need is a slightly longer brake hose. I'm sure they're available from an aftermarket store.

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