1/4 mile time on a 426?

Just wondering if anybody has ever done the 1/4 mile on a track on a 426 (with knobbie tires)? We're just sitting here talking about street night at our local race track and a few geeks that I work with might take their cars to do the 1/4 mile. There is also a motocross track at the complex. Anyway, you all know how sh*t flys when guys start talking about their cars, so of course they are all wondering if they could beat me on my 426 with their BMW's, Saab's, Audi's, and volvo's since I ride at the motocross track. They were under the impression that I race my 426 down the 1/4 track when I go riding!!!! What a bunch of dorks! They just dont grasp the whole motocross thing. Anyway, for argument sake, Im telling them that Im sure I could beat the Saab. What do you guys think? Im guessing that a 426 with stock gearing could do a 1/4 mile in under 15.5 seconds....what do you think?


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Thats funny so they the local Rice Boys or what?

Only way to find out is to do.

If the YZ cant beat the saab, man I dont wanto think about that one

that track is nice. was anyone thier for the thrill show in early july?

I agree with Rat,

You'll be out of gears in 200 yds. A 1/4 mile is 1760 yds. What then...redline for another 15+ football fields? I'd try some crafty sprocket ratios.....I bet our beasts will do way better than 105mph with different gearing.

If you do it...make sure you video. I want to see you bust some Saab a$$. :)

you could throw ont he biget front and smallest rear sprocket you could find, and probobly stil would be bouncing off the rev limiter the last 1000 yards or so. youd be better fof on a 1/8 mile track.

I dont think its possible. If you gear it tall so it will pull the whole quarter mile it will take forever, there will be no torque left in 5th. It takes forever for me to top out the bike with just stock gearing. you will probably be even till about 40-50 mph or first few hunderd feet, after that you are toast. Especially in the Saab, those cars pull hard 60-100, especially the turbo models.

Yak - Saab & 426 owner.

I think they should split the advantage....something like a 1/8 mile of muddy dirt road :)

Now that would be a race...turbo or no turbo.

Actually Kirt,

A MILE is 1760 yrds!! :D

1/4 mile is 440 yds!!! :D

I know cuz back in high skool my gutts were hangin' out at the 1320 mark!! :) running the MILE!

I did used to have a Honda 900RR and that thing screamed. I came up against a 98 YZ400f one night and he blew my doors off until about th 80' mark.

That was about the time he was in 3-4th accelerating but the Purble CBR was an animal after 5k rpm!

I caught him about 1/8 mile and he was TAPPED.

I went by him like he was going backwards.(not that the 98' was slow, just ran outta gear.)

I went thru the traps at 120.9 and 11.59et!

I dont know his exact speed/time but guessing 88-92 and et-13.5-14.5??? :D

Watch them 4wheel kinda' guys. some of them are super fast.

I saw a SUPRA get booted because he was too fast for STREET night. He "says" he had his turbo turned down and still turned a 10.55-ET WHOOOOAAAA!!!??

2002 380 EXC= 14.7 @ 77 mph

199? 500 CR = 14.8 @ 78 mph

Both bikes stock.Just a couple guys goofing around. :)

You are so right Thumpin,

Age/Budweiser is killing my math caculations lately....Thanx :)

Yea, Im talking about atco raceway. No, I dont race there. I practice or play ride there though. I really like the track....the jumps are cool but the last timing section is sometimes a little tough for me to double through. I usually only do two doubles in and then roll the rest of the timing section. Ive been getting hurt way too much lately, so I wont be racing.

I don’t think they will let me run the 426 against a car, but if they do, I’ll do it…If not, I’ll run on bike night or whatever, if their running the ¼ mile on a day that the motocross track is open. I will do it with stock gearing if it ever happens. Now Im just curious what time a stock geared bike will do with knobbies. Im guessing around 15 sec….???

Bye the way…the Saab is not a turbo model. I think I can take him…lol

From physics you can figure out the maximum theoretical values of 1/4 mile time and velocity.

m=450 lb (200 lb rider on 250 lb bike)

d=.25 mi


t=((2*d^2*m)/pwr)^1/3 = 12.1 sec

v=2*d/t = 149 mph

This assumes that the 50hp is continuously put to the ground, which due to the powerband and gearing and shifting does not happen in reality. It also neglects the effect of air resistance and friction.

In other words, if you had a continuosly variable transmission that could keep the bike putting 50hp to the ground, and there wasnt any friction, this is the best performance you could expect.

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I dont know where you guys went to school but a mile is 5,280 ft. A 1/4 mile is 1320 feet or 440 yards which is almost 4 1/2 football fields. You probably would run out of gearing though.

sorry thumpin, you had it right.

I see it this way

2 six packs = ya Im gonna do it

Drunking Shifting = no missed shifts

Final destiny = beat Saab

Personal Glory = Rememebered for all time

my 98 wr420 ran 13.03 1\4 mile.i was running 15\49 gearing and started bouncing off rev limiter 3\4 of way down track.im not sure what a yz426 will run because even geared way up it will hit rev limiter at about 1\8 mile.im sure it will get below 15 secs.i saw a xr650 running high 12's.i was way faster than at halfway point but xr doesnt run out of gear in 1\4 it is still on the gas through traps.i made 3 runs and they were 13.87, 13.11 and 13.03 all with mich S12 tires.time i ran 13.03 i took off front fender and my helmet visor.

my times were at sacramento raceway.it was wed. night bracket racing.i wish i could of gotten couple more runs in that way i could have more accurate average 1\4mile time,.but i was dialed in at 13.09 and broke out with 13.03 on 3rd run.

I almost forgot to tell you guys that our track is at about 4500-4700ft.

Man I would love to run the 1/4 at sea-level!!!

Probably pull a sub 11 on the ol' 9HUN!! :)

Just for the sake of discussing racing,My buddy took a keg of beer from a biker on a big fat hog from a party one night drag racing with his 2001 426.Oh what a site to see!He had the bike in the back of his truck when we pulled up to a huge party.There was a sign that said MOTORCYCLE PARKING ONLY.Well needless to say he parked right next to about 7 or 8 Harleys.About an hour or so went by and some bikers started talking $hit about "who brought the rice burning piece of $hit and parked it in our space"?Well my buddy has no fear and stands about 6 1/2' tall so he said "I did" and some words were exchanged.To make a long exciting story short the two of them decided that they would race for money (but of course the dirty biker had no cash)so he put his $80.00 keg on the line and my buddy put $80.00 cash down.The race was probably about 6 blocks and it was no competition my buddy spanked him from the get go.Everybody including myself was quite surprised that the big hog lost at such a long distance.Well we loaded the keg right out of the back yard and into his truck and my buddy and I decided that we had spent enough time at the party and took there keg elsewhere.OH WHAT A HAPPY HAPPY MEMORY!!!

A friend of mine had an older brother named "Happy" who was a president of the local Pagans chapter. His brother and his buddies were animals. They were not to be messed with.

But Happy found me amusing and would not beat me up to often. He found out I was a pretty good wrench so I would work on his bike for beer.

One day he had some buddies over who were just as scary as him. One of them couldn't get his bike started. So I said in a sing song voice:

Harley, Harley go for a spin.

Ride out the garage push it back in.

The guy went nuts and would have pounded me if it wasn't for Happy. So he said lets see you start it ya little #$@&%. He had a peanut tank on the thing and it wasn't mounted well. I could see the fuel line was kinked and no fuel was getting in. I got on the bike and pinched the kink in the fuel line. First kick it started right up. If Happy was not there I would have been killed on the spot. I let it idle until it died. Then the owner tried to start it and couldn't. Happy said I had better tell his buddy how I did it.

I said:

Harley, Harley would like to go for a spin.

Can't go, fuel line kinked no gas get in.

The owner started chasing me around but since I was 14 and quick he couldn't catch me.

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