race tech help...please. ?

I belive I am at CL 5 and CH 4 and I am blowing thru the strock way too fast. they are bottoming hard when I over shoot.

just wondering if your set up of CL 5, CH 2 is working good for you?

I was thinking I would try CL 7, CH 9, or 10. I mean I almost bottom when I bounce of a berm!!

I'm about 190, 6'5".... oil is at 85mm from the top.

I think I may need heavier springs.

thank you all!!


You may want to pay attention to the other fork post that is taking place at the moment.

And you may want to post what other mods you have made to your fork.

You may actually be suffering from the very issue that I'm discussing regarding the mid-valve.


Not sure about the rest , but you may have TOO much earl in your forks.......???

I run min at 100mm.

I do run Dez and a little MX .

I only bottom very rarely.

I was running at 105 but bumped up to 100 last time and seems to be working great! :)

Just curious if you guys are running single or two stage valving for MX? I was told a few years ago to use a single stage for MX. I weigh 230, run CH12 oil @ 90mm. This setup only bottoms occasionally and I left the midvalve alone.

Phoned Race-Tech today and told them I was finding the single stage a little harsh, they told me to go to two stage CL11 CH8. Put the bike upside down, spun out the valves and reshimmed. Will try it this weekend. I gave up on trying to reshim the stock valves years ago and have used race-tech ever since.

Just to update, the two stage setting worked out night & day better for me. No more numb hands after 2 or 3 laps, way more stable front end, able to go harder for much longer(on bike too)

I am going to tear them apart tonight after I ride :) I did the midvalve, and love the feel of the "new" forks, especially in the woods. I have 4th gear pinned woods, and I ride with 2 guys on 125 smokers, and sometimes a guy on a works 250R qu#%. I can run away in the woods, with the soft, stable forks, but I bottom HARD when I go too fast on the track. Things that should not bottom me out, just ram thru the stroke WAY TOO FAST.

I think I'm going to CL 10 and CH 9, back down in oil, to 95 -100mm.

I hope This will be a happy medium!

I'll post my results asap!

Good Luck!


wow!! What a differance a few shims can make. I am at CL 9 CH 9, and it feels great! I can hammer everthing and not even notice! I may need to tweak the clickers but It handles great, on the track as well as in the woods!

It did feel stiff at first.. then I cranked it open and at full speeds it was stable and as plush as I need (to keep my broken wrist happy)

All in all a much more versital bike than b4 :D

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