Chad Reeds Gear

Has anyone seen the gear that Reed is wearing this year for sale. I think it is Thor. It's the splattered looking blue gear. It sure looks cool and I am sure my riding would improve

if I had some.


I read in a magazine that right now it's a one off pattern. They may offer it next year though. Of course, then he'll have something else cooler. :thumbsup:

Although I think I recall in the same magazine that he was wanting to wear something different and they wouldn't let him.

I'll see if I can dig it up.

Thanks OD my performance is really lacking now without it.


This is a little late, but I finally found the magazine and remembered you. :thumbsup:


In the '05 THOR catelog there is a "Chad Reed Signature" collection.

It's the splattered looking blue gear.

...splattered look is so out of a fashion dweeb would say, its so 1982. :thumbsup:

The Aussie's are a little behind the fashion trend.

Thats stupid Yamaha makes him wear one set of blue gear when every other rider on different teams can ride different gear every moto!! Reed should wear whatever he wants, what are they gonna do, fire him!! yeah right!


The Aussie's are a little behind the fashion trend.

you mean short, a singlet and a pair of thongs arent cool any more?!?!?!? :thumbsup:

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