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i might be going but i ride a 2 stroke. the only bad thing about that track is that the practices seem inconsistant.

I talked to one of the guys at the booth where you pay about a yearly membership and he said they were planning on offering them in the near future. He had no idea of the price but he said it would be more than chatsworth (200.00/yr). Id be into meeting everyboby there but weekends are bad for me. I was going on wed. afternoon/nites until I got hurt at chatsworth about 6 weeks ago. With the summer heat, you cant beat night riding...come up with a date(s) and maybe we can get something together even if its just a regular open practice. We could all park in the same area and head to the track together. Plus I ride wharton right across the street from the track. I also know of and ride at a privately owned pit that has some great freestyle type wall jumps about a mile from the track.



Anyone going tonight ??? I am and think it would be cool to meet some fellow TTers ..


Im going to try to get to Atco next Wed. late afternoon. My bike is apart...Im finishing up truing my front rim and I have to put on 2 new tires, sprockets and chain. If I get it done, I'll be there. This will be my first time back after a dislocated left shoulder, some broken ribs, and a broken heel about 7 weeks ago. I'll be in touch if I can make it.


can i come yz250f is there a web page give me some info im from ny

Hey, Rat Racing is Atco a district 6 racetrack? :)

Hey what town is ATCO in ?

I havent been there (chatsworth) for about 6 weeks. I heard that Butch got fired, maybe thats got something to do with the track condition. I think he was the best groomer/doozer operator there....I dont know...maybe Cfisher could shed some light if he reads this.


Atco is in the town of ATCO. the track is nice but like stupid things have happened like the emt's didnt show up or it rains every wednesday when we try 2 go. my friend matt trys to go but its ether raining closed or he dosnt have a ride. has the expert track at chatsworth got any better? i was their like 3 weeks ago and the ex track was in disrepair. the jumps were goofy as hell and mad ruts.

Butch is no longer an official employee but he does volunteer his time, not sure if its on a machine or not. To the best of my knowledge (I haven't been there in 2 weeks) they were training some new people on the machines - whether this will translate into a better track or not I don't know.

Personally, I like it when the track is in "disrepair" - If you can make time on a wrecked / rough track you can fly on a groomed raceday race track.

Atco is district 2.


How is the ATCO track? Do you think a XR250 would run well on it?

I am in south NJ and have not many places to ride and someone told me about that there was a track there. I been there once for a dragrace with streetbikes and didn't see it.

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