03 450 steeringhead bearings/races

Well it seems as mine have gone south as you can feel the stagger as you move the handlebars from left to right or vice versa. I just repacked last week upper & lower and they feel like swiss cheese. It seems that the bearings Yamaha uses must be cheaply manufactured as I have had to replace front wheel & now upper & lower Steeringhead bearings. Anyone know of better quality bearings than Yamaha OEM? Pivot works? anyone use these?


The OEM bearings are made by KOYO, one of the top suppliers of bearings world wide...nothing wrong with OEM quality. One of the problems is prep by the factory with the amount of fish guts used to assemble all the bearings when new. That is why it is almost mandatory to repack and adjust everything when the bike is new and after breakin...

yea i know this is why I repack immediately after taking delivery and every 4-6mo afterwards. I will try the pivot works this time. I wonder if I over torqued the stem nut.....

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