OK, a few days ago, my friend and I both got our hotcam kits in. We installed them that night and here are the results. He has a completely stock engine. The hotcams caused a very rough idle that sounded really cool. the snap was slightly improved, as well as the torque all through the rev-range. It wasnt a very big difference, but a noticable one, as far as noise is concerned. The hesitationw as greatly increased as well. Its def. not worth the money though. It will also excellerate valve wear. My engine is fully modified with recent varner motorsports engine mods and a 450 bore kit. On my bike, the cams caused the same rough idle that sounds amazing. Response was improved dramatically. Torque was brought up at least 20% through the ENTIRE range. The engine also hits much much harder and responds just like a 2 stroke with the same snap and punch. the only downfal is larger fuel consumption. NO REJETTING NECESSARY! I must say, with the engine mods, bore kit, and hot cams, my 426, ....errrr 450 is WAY faster than it was 2 weeks ago, kinda like the difference between a 125 and 250. I think its even quite a bit faster than my friends cr500af. Hope you guys use this info. If you ahve a stock or near stock engine (no internal mods) then steer clear of hotcams, but if yo have a moderate to heavily modified engine, then definately go with them!

This veers from your original topic.

I saw that you have the FMF PowerCoreIV silencer. I was thinking about getting one as well. How do you like it? Did you experience any power gains or power loss across the powerband. Is there a big difference between running it with the powerbomb header or without.

Your answers are appreciated.

Vanilla, put a Thunder Alley on that thing, and youll need to hire someone to ride it!

Originally posted by Vanilla Gorilla:

OK, a few days ago, my friend and I both got our hotcam kits in.

How much were they and where did you get them?

i love my powercore 4, it has a spark arrestor which is good for orv trails, and it also retains all the stock power. it also adds a little bottom end. What is so good abotut he thunder alley? i have heard about it, but dont really know how good it is. I got ym hotcams through a local aftermarket parts dealership. i got my kit for 190$ because i work there now. arent discounts awesome?

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