Ocatillo this weekend 07/10/04.

I know it's not desert season but last weekend I got up at 3:00 a.m. (I live in San Clemente) and took off for Ocatillo. I got there about 5:00 a.m. right before sunrise. By the time I got the gear on and was ready to roll it was 5:30. Rode for about 2 1/2 hours and then headed home. Back on the couch by 10:00. I'm going to do the same thing this Saturday and was wondering if there was any other loonies out there who would be interested in joining me. My skill level is Beginner/Intermediate so don't expect any Johnny Campbell type skills on my part! lol. Let me know...

I'm up for it... just let me know where/when to meet. Might be on a two-stroke though if I don't find the time to fix the pig, but hopefully I won't have to resort to that. :thumbsup:

Cool, it's tough getting anyone to suck it up and roll early. Remember to have patience with me! I have maybe a dozen hour long rides under my belt so any critequing would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully that's not going to be a problem for you. I'll do my best to keep up. :devil:

Let's say 6:00 a.m. at the Off-Road entrance to the trails off the 78? Just cruise into the off road park and hang by the johnnies on the right that are about a 100-150 yards up once you turn off the 78. :thumbsup:

BTW I'll be driving a Black Toyota T100. What will you be driving so I'll know what to look for?

I'd be down to hit it up with ya.... But we'll be riding Carlsbad on Saturday (on the CRF450).

Have you heard about this ride??? (It's in Ensenada... starts at 10am, and then ends back in Ensenada)


It would be fun for ya. I'll be doing that on my 650 with some other friends. It's a ride at your own pace thing. Fun for all ages...etc.

We'll be heading out on Sunday am... from Clairemont. Down to the TJ border... if your interested you could follow us down. I'd be happy to chaperone if you've never been there or ridden there (in Mexico).

Have fun in Ocotillo Wells... (remember there's a difference between Ocotillo and Ocotillo Wells). :thumbsup:

Also... since you also live in SoCal, you should check on the dual sport site, they sometimes have some info you might be interested in; http://www.dualsport-sd.com/forums/index.php?act=idx

Johnny, you and I have been bs'ing on the "I wish I could do this" forum about the bajabound trips done by Tim. I was the guy saying that it was expensive. I know Mex real well. Most of the time it was surf trips though or going down with the Mako Steel team (The bike I have is there last race bike) for the Baja races. So that trip sounds like a blast. I just learned about the MX track in Carlsbad. Also just learned that it's going to be shutting down soon. Bummer. Was stoked to find a track that I could ride on the 650. Elsinore tore me up the other day when I went their for the first time..

Damn that looks fun. I'm liking that idea but let me check with the misses to make sure she has no plans and I'll let you know manana.

Noticed that you are going to Carlsbad this weekend? The track is open? I heard someone say it was only every other weekend and I didn't know the schedule. Would love to check that out if it is going to be open Sat. Which track is the easiest to ride to warm up on?

Naru, I might postpone the desert ride this weekend if the Carlsbad track is open. :awww: I've never ridden there before and would be stoked to check it out. :thumbsup: I'm going to keep your post though because the following weekend I will definately be at Ocatillo. :devil: Curious about this track though. Thanks for offering to meet up though. We'll do it soon.

The Carlsbad track IS OPEN this Saturday 7/10 and then again for I think the last time on 7/31. There's two tracks at the site... the upper, and the lower. This lower track that is open Saturday is fun, the upper is faster... but still fun as well.

Here's Carlsbad's web: http://www.coast-racing.com/index.htm

Come on out... I'm not sure what I'll show up in (vehicle wise)... but I have a CRF with yellow sideplates (no numbers)... There's not many of us out there with no numbers and yellow sideplates :thumbsup: I also ride in red/white Fox gear, black and grey helmet.

Here ya go;


Let me know...!

Yeah, I'll be there. I only have a 650R though. Hopefully the whoops are not anywhere near as bad as they are at elsinore. What time does the track open at? I have to go to my nieces 1st b-day at 1:00 so I would have to go early.

Cool, not a problem. I have a house out there, so it makes life a bit easier. If you decide to come out Sat. or Sun., I'll just be working on bikes. Check your PMs for my email address if you want to come then, or if you want to ride some other time. Have fun at the track. :thumbsup:

Whoops aren't bad at all... there's not any like Elsinore. The track is mostly setup like an outdoor track. Not too supercross like.

The hardest thing to it is the up and down hills. Meaning... holding on when your arms pump up. :thumbsup:

The gates open at 10, riding at 11. Be there geared up and ready to ride before 11 and get an hour or so in before you have to leave. You'll love it and be glad you did. It's a great experience... on any bike.

See ya there.

I should be there by about 10:45 and riding by 11:15. Probably in my roomates Charcoal F150 crewcab shorty.

My very last MX race was at Carlsbad on my Maico AW400 back in 1979. I am getting my shock & forks back from Precision Concepts for my CR500R tomorrow. Think I may show up this coming Saturday. Cool! Been a long time away from that track! :thumbsup:

Works for me. I'm actually probably going to get there at 9:45 and gear up so once they open I can get on the track. That way I can get a couple of hours in. I'm on a XR650R with Blue System X MSR gear. No #'s on my bike either. I'll be the guy getting passed over and over. :devil: But hey you got to learn one way or another so f it! :thumbsup:

BTW how long do you think each lap is?

My very last MX race was at Carlsbad on my Maico AW400 back in 1979. I am getting my shock & forks back from Precision Concepts for my CR500R tomorrow. Think I may show up this coming Saturday. Cool! Been a long time away from that track! :thumbsup:

WOW... Long time no Carlsbad. :devil:

I watched a guy on an older Maico hit Amago track last Friday. Pretty cool. It was a 2 smoker, dual rear shocks... air cooled. Nostalgia. :awww:

Say Hi if ya see us!

BTW how long do you think each lap is?

uhhhm... you mean in minutes or miles??

Either way I'm not sure. Probably a 3-4 minute lap. Or about 2 miles long. :thumbsup:

It's long enough for me to only get 6 HARD laps... with one as a warm up and a warm down.

Cool, curious because Elsinores tracks were way short and I had people flying over me left and right. Kind of sketchy. Would be nice to have a little more room to play on without having to be worried about someone landing on your head every 2 seconds.

Ahhh... you'll be okay. There's no large jumps like Elsinore. Most everything is pretty easy or mellow compared. The only thing I can recommend is if you 'pick a line' you stick with it... this track has some tight spots, but everyone's going slow so no need to stress.

Everyone has to learn... whether your on your pig, or a damn go-ped, or whatever. All the fast guys have patience as it's more a "fun track" rather than a motocross track...

You'll enjoy it.

Right on. Thanks for all the responses you've given to all my posts. I'm super excited about hitting Carlsbad this weekend. I was pretty nervous about hitting anymore tracks after my elsinore experience but the Carlsbad track looks more up my alley for now. Driving to Ocatillo to go ride was a haul and a half. 4 hours driving for 2 1/2 hours riding. Ouch..

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