FMF “Q” Muffler

Hello All,

I'm thinking of getting one of these exhaust systems. Main concern is noise testing in the North CA riding parks. Looking for any personal reviews. I called FMF they said it's running about 94DB. I may also consider the Power Bomb Header. The way my bike sits = 02 WR426F.

Free Mods/Vortip/15 Tooth frt sprocket.

Thanks for the Help.

Per the sheets on the testing at Hollister Hills

The FMF Q pipe with the powerbomb is testing in at 96 - 100.

Just the Q Pipe its 94 - 96 on average.

Keep in mind after Jan 1st 2003 the new level is 96 db for bikes built after 1986

Thanks EGO, Good info, Have the TT gang figured out were the big ride will be yet?

I have a Fmf Q pipe on my 02 YZ426 and yes it does quiet it down quite a bit, I was tested up in Kennedy Meadows @ 93db. The down side to the pipe that I've noticed is how much of the hit it takes away from the bike. I rode at high altitude and at sea level with the same conclusion, unless I absolutely have to be "Bambi friendly" I would try and figure out something else other than the Q pipe. However, since I haven't tested any other quiet pipes I don't know if the end result would be the same...low nuts!!

Just my opinion.

I had one, it was quiet, killed a bit of the midrange and up power, liked leaner jetting esp. on the pilot.

Fell apart after about 20 hours. The rear mount is very poorly designed, instead of wrapping around the can they should have welded it. Unfortunately that would require a different part for different bikes. God forbid they should have to cut into their profit margin to do that :)

Anyway you need to keep a close eye on the four small allen-head fasteners that secure the can to the collector. The lack of a rigid rear hanger/mount allows the can to rock about that axis, putting strain on the four small screws, elongating the holes in the collector (and in my case ripping them clean out).

Hope this helps.

Thanks guys,

This info is very helpful. I feel the search for a quite yet non-power robber exhaust is still on.

Thanks again

CRD lists their quiet exhaust at 91db.

Funny how people say it hurt the mid and top. I just put a quiet restrictor into my DSP and while yes, it did soften up the top end pull it also gave me a huge hit of power in the midrange compared to with it open/loud.

I have emailed CRD, Asking for Specs and price.

Fingers are crossed. I will post the info.

Most Likely Forrest Hill

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