yz450f or wr450f which to buy?????

trying to decide which to buy i have a 02 wr250f now and love it but want more power.how hard is yz to start??

Dude no one knows what the 03's will be like, cuz no one has one, unless you have Ferry's e-mail adress :D

The starting drill is going to be a different ball game on the 03's cuz the auto decomp......

And a Wr v. Yz really depends on your riding habits, Lots of MX & Jumpin, or Lots of trail ridin long haul stuff........

Good luck in your quest for knowledge..... :)

I find the 426 easier to start than my kids 250F. It shouldn't be an issue next year with the auto decomp on the YZ450 and elec start on the WR's. I know I tried a new Honda 450 and it sure was an easy kick with the auto decomp.

Originally posted by Unibomber:

Dude no one knows what the 03's will be like, cuz no one has one, unless you have Ferry's e-mail adress :)

Here ya go timmy@timmyferry.com

Tim Ferry website

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Neat link! :)

A few years ago I was out riding at the local sand pit. I saw a guy on a Suzook 125 I had never seen before sitting on his bike.

He had black plates on the bike which is what novices run around here so I didn't pay much attention.

I rode for a while and stopped. This guy started riding and it was obvious he was no novice. He was going off jumps and getting the bike vertical and then tapping the back brakes and pivoting the bike back to a normal landing angle. My jaw hit the ground watching all this.

He rode off and I didn't know it was Tim Ferry until I saw him in Cycle News. In NJ we don't see things like that to often.

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I emailed Tim right after the Daytona Supercross just to say good job and he replied back a couple of days later, nice guy.

It's pretty cool seeing the pro riders at your local track. I went out to Nocona to ride during the week and Charlie Bogard was out there dragging the bars through the corners. The guy was unreal fast.

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Nice track.

I go to South Texas every year whitetail hunting it looks I should bring my bike too.

I would love to move to Texas! My wife won't move because all her family is here. I offered to kill them all but she won't let me.

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