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WY now allowing conversion of dirt bikes to plated bikes (7/2021)


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Was having a conversation in the "What Bike Should I Buy" section here at TT and one of the WY residents pointed out that Wyoming now allows the plating of dirt bikes as of July 1, 2021.  Always wondered why they were more restrictive than CO and didnt allow conversion.  They have now leapfrogged CO and are allowing plating of dirtbikes and other multipurpose vehicles (ATV, SxSs). And no DOT tire requirement.  This is good news in my mind and shows a responsive government (and Republican controlled government).

See here:




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On 11/24/2021 at 7:20 AM, elblanconaygro said:

Yeah this is nice! The best part is the local police department comes to your house for the inspection and I'm pretty sure it's free. 

VIN inspection ... There is no requirement for equipment inspections to license dirt bikes, snowmobiles, vehicles, anything in Wyoming ... Just the VIN check. 

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Also, it's always been a bit "murky" getting a dirt bike plated in Wyoming. My dad and I put a Baja Designs kit on a 2007 Honda CRF 450X and wound up taking it to the DMV and they looked at it and gave us a plate, and that was in Casper even ... Most of that historically had depended on which DMV office you went to and who it was that you talked to. The changes in the law(s) that went into effect last summer were mainly to "streamline" the licensing processes for dirt bikes and bring it into compliance with the SxS phenomenon had created the last 10 years. 

Interesting caveat to this - My old 2014 300 XCW was originally sold to me in CO with a street title back when Elite could still do that. I then transferred that plate to West Virginia, then to Wyoming (sublette county) and then eventually back to Colorado. Never once had any state agency question the legitimacy of the full on actual motorcycle title (motorcycle title meaning it was fully 100% street legal no restrictions). 

When I bought my 2020 TE300i two years ago, I had to jump through all the Colorado hoops to get it plated in CO (you all know that drill). Since I had a lein on the bike at the time I got it plated in CO, the CO title was held by the bank as an off-road vehicle title, which is where it still is since I'm still paying on the bike. 


I've since moved to Wyoming (yet again lol), and didn't have to do a single thing to the bike to get it plated in Wyoming, but ... when I get the bike paid off here this spring, they will mail me the CO "ORV" title for it, it will NOT be a "street legal" motorcycle title, it will still be the Colorado ORV title .... so, I have two options .... Get it titled in Wyoming as a "Wyoming ORV" which means its legal to ride on the street in Wyoming (but not technically Colorado). So, what that means is, with the Wyoming ORV title if I move back to CO (or anywhere else) they won't recognize the title as a "street legal" motorcycle like one that was originally sold with a non-ORV title or that was converted by a state agency from an ORV title to a "non-ORV" title. 


So really all this means is that the State of Wyoming decided to tax dirt bikers 🙂

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