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Husqvarna TE300i 2019 engine start but not idle

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Hello all, I have a 2019 Husqvarna 300i with 50hrs on it after replaced the piston. In general, the engine is 210 hours. When I change the piston the engine work perfect, but a couple of hours ago when I start the engine it dies immediately. This is happened with and without activated cold start button. Even whit activated cold start button start more hardly.

When it's parked in the garage for a few days after the last ride and I try to start it cold, there is a problem. The engine start but dies immediately.  This is happening  two or three times, then start and work normally. Read many topics and make a few repairs but the problem isn’t solved.

I change the spark with new one, adjusted the idle speed screw, cleaned the spark plug connector, cleaned the injectors whit ultrasonic. Change the fuel tank whit another bike that works normally. Checking the wiring harness. Read out the fault memory whit diagnostics tool. Change the fuel whit  high octane, but the problem isn’t solved.

In addition after the first start it dies immediately. After the second start it works for about five seconds but if I try to open the throttle it dies again. After the third or fourth start it allows me to open the throttle  and the engine already supports idle and works without a problem after that, but until it clears the pipe smokes more than normal.

If some have a solution let help me.

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