Broken e series

Went riding today got bike unloaded and saw my pipe broken at the flange didn't fall crash anything.Has this happened to anyone else?


My e-series did the same thing, except that I caught it sooner--mine was cracked about 200 deg around the pipe flange. The crack was at the junction between the TIG weld and the end cap, indicating posible imbrittlement at the weld. My bike is a 01 model and the e-series had about 100 hours of use.

After rewelding the crack, I heated the end cap to anneal the weld. Also, I did this with the pipe installed to insure that all stress was relieved due to the mounting bolt configuration.

Blue One

Ya think that happened after the Endo :)

Oopps sorry I wasnt supposed to say anything :D

No folks he did not crash

My R4 did the same thing, inside though I thik its a design flaw but anyhoot. I had it re-welded 10 bucks.

Did you make it to Med-Calf ?

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So i can get it rewelded and it should be ok for awhile and I almost thought i could talk the wife into a new pipe.

EGO I think it may of happend after my sweet backflip.Metcalf was already closed by the time i got there so i went home. I had enough fun riding with ya that i wasn't to bummed about metcalf.

Call White Bros. They have been known to fix this issue for no $$$$$$

Spend 250 bucks on a hand made Thunder Alley and put that a nail in that thing and hang it on the wall in the garage and tell people Dubach was making an overly aggresive pass on ya and took out the muffler. The embellish some more and tell them it took 4 laps for him to get by because the muffler was flappin all over the place and the doc was afraid of the debris!!

This is the best excuse Ive ever seen for a Thunder Alley.

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hey Blue one

Mine did the same on my 01 426. Took it to my local shop. They called White bros. and they replaced it free no questions asked. I dont know if it was my dealer having some pull or them just standing behinde their product.

I called white bros they said they would fix or replace it.That is pretty good service.I am going to sell the complete system though unless i am disappointed in the thunder alley.Thanks for the advice guys.



I decided to order the thunder alley.I have been thinkin about it and thought why will be made next wednesday and i will let everyone know how it performs compared to my e-series.Anyone need a quiet core 2 insert or nontapered head pipe?

Wow That is all i can say White Bros sent me a brand new pipe no questions, no reciept and 2 day turnaround.All i payed for is shipping to them 10 bucks.I thought i would share since this in my eyes is great service.To bad that i got a ta pipe cause i'm stoked about wb right now.One pipe will be for sale in a week.later :):D

DUDE! Shawn!! I love my T/A pipe also but damn! You are an ambassador! If Bob is not sponsoring you, he should be. Every post I read from you, you're pluggin' the T/A. "damn dude, that sandwich is as big as a Thunder Alley!", "Hey guy's, this is my dog, his name is Thunder Alley"

I'm just razzin' ya dude, Bob is one hell of a guy, you just keep on pluggin him. Besides, he does make the best pipe ever!! And yes, my e-series is hangin on a nail in my garage. I would cringe if I had to ride with it back on again.

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