Changing oil filter every time?!?!

Just curious, I've heard many people here saying that the oil filter should be changed with every oil change. Makes sense, I wouldn't change the oil in my truck without changing the oil filter. I also heard people saying that you can buy metal filters for the bike. When I picked up my bike about a month ago, I got a oil filter in anticipation for my first oil change (about 14$ CDN for the filter). When I changed the oil, I found a metal oil filter already in the bike. I checked the oem filter that I had just bought and it was identical. I have an 01, are there some years that came with a paper fibre filter? Cause i just don't see any purpose in changing a metal filter, just clean it, and it's good as new.

all the 426s come with the metal filter.

The 03 bikes (450s) come with a paper filter to save 4 grams of weight.

either one will work.

Since I use a Scott's stainless filter, I clean it every time, but before that I always replaced the filter.

The filter was re-spec'd to a paper unit because the paper filter has a greater filtering capacity than the bronze mesh, not to save weight. Yamaha felt this was necessary after they reduced the oil capacity from 1.7 to 1.2 liters (which WAS done to save weight).

The Scott's filters smaller particles and has more filter area than either OEM filter.

I have an 00 426 and I have been told by the dealer that the filter can be re-used and cleaned. Not sure how to describe if it is metal or paper - it honestly seems a little of both. Either way, I clean it with gas, blow it out lightly with an air hose and reuse. I even bought an extra one to rotate between cleanings.

I have found that I can go 1 - 2 oil changes without even cleaning the filter or the screen in the frame. I clean the screen in the frame about every 6 months.

I don't think the construction of the filter captures dirt and grime like you would see in your car or truck. It appears too open in design. I ride in some very mudy & dusty conditions and the oil filter has always looked good. (wish I could say that about the air filter) A few metal shavings here and there but I would think that is normal and that is one of the purposes of the filter.

my .02 :devil::thumbsup:

I clean my filter every 2nd oil change. Genuine 426 filters are reusable. Toss it in the bin when the rubber seals on the ends start to look suspect.

This has been debated before, with varying positions. Personally I change mine every 3rd ride. I dont ride much anyway so the wear and tear on it is minimal. It also depends on the ride I was on

For instance I went to the WCTT3, Changed Oil and Filter then.

Got back changed the Filter only. Reason I did this was to check for particles. I have a new Rekluse Clutch and just wanted to see if any debri / particles were caught in the filter. None Found

To me Filters are cheap insurance, you can pick them up from 3 to 7 bucks or higher. Its a maint thing to me. I dont like and never subscribed to cleaning used filters, its just me.


I have an 01 426. When I first bought it (sept 2000), I got a spare stock type metal filter. I was rotating between the stock and spare every other oil change, but I lost one of them and have been using the same one for a couple years now. I change my oil every 2-4 rides and I ride the bike to the rev limiter all the time....I beat the tits off of the bike when I ride it, but pamper it (maintenance wise). I either clean the filter with gas or brake cleaner and then blow it out with compressed air (like mentioned above)....then I give it a visual inspection....and back in it goes.

If you change your oil on a regular basis, your bike will be fine.


The 98-02 filters used a wire screen type filter and are reusable as long as they have no holes or damage done to them. Ive got 20+ oil changes on mine...just take it out, spray all the crap off of it with a garden hose, let dry for a little while then stick her back in.

The filters for the 98-02 are made of Brass. Just spray em off with brake cleaner, blow it dry and replace. Every 2nd or third oil change on a broken in motor is fine. Add a magnetic drain plug for backup. Inspect the frame screen atleast once a year and clean it the same way. The only reason to inspect the frame screen is that over a long period of time the sludge that you will find on the drain plug magnet builds up and "can" reduce the volume of oil being circulated. This is really especially important for those who only change oil after every 4 or 5 rides. For those who change more often is not that big of a deal from my experience.

Bonzai :thumbsup:

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