How do you carry extra fuel?

Hey, once aain im in need of advice. Im planning on doing a ride in a few weeks called The 42nd Traverse. Basically its a long fast trail thats 46km each way in the Tongariro National Park, which descends 910m into a volcanic basin. So with a stock tank I can manage around 50km, which leaves another 40 to go. I was thinking I could strap a 4 litre juice bottle full of gas to the front of the number plate and carry a smaller bottle in my back pack (don't like that idea very much). So how do you guys carry your extra gas? Also will the 960m elevation drop (~3000ft) have much of an effect on the way the bike runs?

Acerbis Number plate Fuel tank. Mounts on front of triple clamps. Two sizes. 1.2 gallons and 1.8 gallons I belive. Or carry fuel on your waist. 1 gallon Prestone anti-frezze plastic bottles work. Just tape bottoms up 5 inches with duc tape to ward off thorns. Pour as soon as possible.


y not get a desert take so that you can go further before needing to refuel?

y not get a desert take so that you can go further before needing to refuel?

I'd love to have another tank if I had enough cash but because I usually ride MX, or short trails under 50km, I don't see the need to spend $600 on a desert tank besides all money is being saved to go towards a new 250F.

I just use 20oz pop bottles and then duct tape them around my front fender. Never had a problem except for one time when we didn't put enough duct tape and we lost it.

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