Need a riding buddy in salt lake city.....

Howdy all! I am looking for someone to go riding with. I have been riding for 7 years, but have absolutely NO natural riding ability. However, I go as fast as I can most of the time. Most of my friends don't ride any more :):D:D and I've got the bug bad, way bad. I like riding more than anything else, but won't go out into the desert alone for obvious reasons.

I ride mostly trails and play in the dunes a little. If anyone in northern utah wants someone to ride with give me a shout at . Thanks :D



Pm me and we will get out some wkend...

I have sun/mon off so either of those days will work for me.........except this coming wkend.


and a wedding on FRi!

Pm me with a # or email and we always have someone to ride with!

Usually around Jericho and Stansbury front. Mostly Jericho.


Thanks! I sent you a pm. Jericho is my main riding hang out, but it has been kinda hot lately for riding there. But when fall comes, I think I'll live out there. Last time I was there snow was still on the ground.



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