how many miles with stock tank?

i was wondering, how many miles can i go on a stock tank? '00 yz426. no mods yet, besides blue wire and PMB end cap, but BK carb mod is soon to come and i dont think that should affect mileage tho. also, how much further with a desert tank, like a 3.3 gallon. thanks for the help.

Around 40 miles, with my 1.8 gallon tank.

The last ride i went on was about 47 miles and i still had about 1/8th of a tank left, all depends on the type of riding your doing if your WFO or lugging the bike will definitely make a difference. :thumbsup:

I normally get about 40 miles to a tank with not much to spare.

I get roughly 35 miles to a tank, but thats riding it pretty hard...ive stretched it to 45 before but that was pushing it(almost litteraly! ran out of gas as we pulled into camp!) As for a desert tank, figure probably 60 or so give or take a few miles.

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