Tap or Helicoil ? What works best ?

Was changing the oil filter tonight on a buddies bike and that bottom bolt on the oil filter cover (allen bolt), stripped out. Has anyone had this problem and what did you do to remedy ? It looks like the hole goes all the way through into the motor, so I was a little concerned about shavings. Thanks, rekless :thumbsup:

You know this is funny. My kickstart screw has been screwed up for about 8 months and a buddy of mine told me to have it helicoiled about 8 months ago. Well I didnt take his advice and I jimmy rigged it and now it's loose again and all morning long I could not remember the word helicoil till I saw this post. Too funny. Sorry I can't help just blabbering.

had the same with mine. Remove the inner clutch cover then install helicoil. That way there is no way any swarf or the helicoil tab can get into the engine.

On the oil filter cover, Id re-tap it oversize. Heli-coil may pull out, or work loose with the engine vibes and cause more damage. You can 'bond' the helicoil in, but that takes skills! Either way, you'll have to re-tap the hole and make shavings. Find out where the bottom of the hole goes and the risk is poses with thread shavings in there. However, if you dont have enough room on the filter cap to drill the bolt hole oversize, then you are forced to do heli-coil or other insert. There are several 'versions' of thread inserts. Some have special uses, like for Aluminum only. They have soo many different names, check with local shops to see what they recomend to use. Key-sert, Tine-sert,heli-coil etc...

Loctite red on the Heli-Coil

Its called "time-sert" not tine!

Do I need to have access to the back of the hole to use the time sert. Where do I get a time sert? Thanks, rekless :thumbsup:

Time-serts are a little harder to use than helicoils. I got mine from the manufacturer by doing a search "timeserts" on the web...you'll get alot of info. Time-serts are solid, not a threaded coil (helicoils are almost like springs, sort of). Certain applications are better for one or the other, depending on what and where the repair needs to be done. Time-serts are good where the repair needs to be flush with the surface. For example, I needed to repair the hole for a cylinder head valve cover bolt. The repair had to be flush to the surface of the head. :thumbsup:

bottom filter bolt hole has a cross drilled passage from the oil filter cavity that directs swarf towards this juncture

This is a known issue that is requited by filling the cross hole with silicone or your desired sealer.

The thread is in the case not the side cover so side cover removal is required.

Time-certs are the bomb.

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