Parts prices......parting out 400f???how much per itm


Well guys , I have been advertising every other wknd my bike FS and have had more offers via TT than my freaking local news paper! :D

I went to my dealer here and he said $2500 is high trade in value. He DID tell me to take all of my "STUFF" off and put the stock stuff on and they would give me the same $2500.

In Utah the sales tax is based only on the$$ exchanged. Basically the sales price minus the trade-in multiply by 6.25% add $75 lic/reg =OTD.

So in reallity I would be saving $156.25 right away. Then.......(here is my quest) If I part out the xtra stuff much would it add up to with the 156bucks????

Here are the items

1.Clarke oversized Natural tank (2yrs old/like new)

2.complete triple clamp set from 01' (Upper/lower/steering stem/bearings/bar clamps)(brand new)

3.TM designs slider/2rollers/guide

4.Hurricane kit (all but tank graphics ,unless sold w/tank)

5.Noleen oversized header

6.White Bros E-series w/6xtra discs and deflector.

Let me know what you guys think on $$$/each that I could/should get for them.

I have had a gut full of advertising and spending some serious $$ on it.

Thx guys.


Realistically you looking at getting back about 5/8 to 3/4 of the original purchase price back IF everything is still in great shape.

Thats been my expierence anyways.

Slightly damaged - 1/2 price

really damaged - 1/4 (if your lucky)

I wish i had some cash for the oversized header! :)

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