Front tow hitch

Does anybody tow their bike on a joe hauler or some other type of bike carrier on the front of their vehicle. I want to put a front tow hitch on my GMC Sonoma ZR2 so I can put my bike on the front and put my wifes quad in the back of the truck. This is for the times when we go camping and have to pull the pop-up camper. Any suggestions would be great.

I have seen motorhomes set up like that, but also there is a company out here in Southern California that sells a "joe hauler" type of hitch which allows you to hook up a trailer also. After you hook up to your hitch there is a receptical which allows you to tow something also.

I beleive there in Marina Del Rey

couldnt you put a hitch on the tow behind trailer, then put one of those out back rack kind of deals....maybe worth looking into. just an idea.

-rOOster- :thumbsup:

Be careful about putting a bike on the back of a tow trailer. Too much weight on the back will lighten the tongue weight and make the trailer unstable to tow. As a general rule you want a minimum of 10% of the trailer weight on the tongue (and preferably 15%). As far as mounting the bike on the front of the truck I've seen it done but I think you may get some grief from Mr. Highway Patrolman if it covers the headlights at all.

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