hole in the boots

I've got the Tech 8s and I'm really happy so far, but I noticed last night that the kick starter is starting to wear at my right boot pretty good. The replaceable chunk of rubber is already pulled out of its place and sticking out. I'm not as much worried about the replaceable part as I am the rubber next to it which is also getting chewed up. Is anyone else having this problem?

As a matter of fact I am!

That replaceable peice frustates me when it's loose and dangling. I bought a Alpine Star replacement and reglued it. It didn't last 2 rides and it was loose again. I called the dealer and told them my problem he said the boots can be repaired by A/S if they keep giving you problems but wasn't sure of the cost.

I'm having the same problem too. I usually get about six months out of the soles on my Tech8s, depending on how much I ride. There is a boot shop in my area that I take mine to. I just order new soles and take them to the boot shop and have them resoled. I think all Tech soles wear rather quickly, which is unfortunate for an otherwise excellent boot.

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How much did it cost to get yours resoled (parts and labor)?

Wasn't real cheap. Soles ordered from local motorcycle dealership where $35(maybe cheaper online) and labor was around there too maybe $40. I've heard of people actually putting Gaerne boot soles on their Tech8,but I don't know which model or if that's true

My boots are brand new, I am having the same problem. Do you think there is any chance of getting alpinestar to buck-up? Doesn't seem right to have to replace soles after two months????

How much were these boots 300 Bucks ?


Glad I went with Sidi Flex Force boots!

My circa 1996 Fox boots are lookin a lot more durable everytime I read something like this.

My Fox boots only cost me 225 bucks, and have out lived 2 kickstarters on my CR500 and my 426. Although I can start my thumper with my thongs on. No not that kind of thong. I wear a speedo. LOL just kidding.

Thanks alot for that word picture shawn

I was eating lunch

Now its on my screen lol


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Alpinestars is usually very good about fixing there boots for free.

The only problem is you have to send them in and then you are without riding boots for a while. Maybe a cheap pair of O'neals as a back up while you wait for the Techs to get fixed wouldn't be a bad idea.

You can strap these onto your boots to cover the holes...


Well I bought Alpinestars' cheapest pair when they were on sale last X-mas and only paid 125 bucks for them. Now they took long to break in than the tech 8's I am sure but now I love them and they are barely showing any wear to the sole at all. They are the M4 series. Just thought I would add my 2 cents, before them I wore out a pair of $85 dollar thors that lasted two years for me and now my bud is wearin em'!! I can get the soles for anyone if they need them through parts unlimited for about $32 plus shipping. If anyone needs em' let me know! Frank

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look into Alpinestar Vectors, they have the more rounded sole and are tougher

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