I need help with my 04 WR450 Starter

Me And My buddy bought 2 04 WR450 from international motorcycle brokers. Saved over a grand vrs. buying locally. But found out there was no factory warntry for canada bikes. and as would be my luck two weeks after I got my bike ,(which by the way I chose becouse it and the KTM were the only bikes in that class and size to offer Electric starters)and I really wanted a electric starter! any way the starter quit working. At first I thought it was a bad battery but after charging the origonal with no luck I bought a very expencive new battery...no luck, :thumbsup: I then took the battery out of my buddies bike making sure it worked in his right before...... :confused:still no luck. each time all I got was a Clicking sound. so I tried cleaning and retightening all of the wire conections that I could find from the battery to the starter.......still no luck.finally I hit or should I say tapped the starter with my screwdriver and instead of a clicking sound I got a weak starter engagement which grew to a rapid normal engagement and my bike started right up. :awww: However it now will work only about 1 out of 5 tries and the top of my starter is getting scratched or dented when I tap it or if I keep pressing the starter switch sometimes it will eventually enguage and start the bike. I really would like your advise. :devil:

I would probably have your local Yami shop diagnose the issue (on your dime, unfortunately) to see what the actual failure is. My dealer said there are several "replaceable parts" internally that can be replaced instead of replacing the entire starter (which is around $250.) Even if you have to replace the entire starter, you're still $700 ahead of the game... :thumbsup:

Since your into saving $$$, I would pull the starter out, check the starter clutch mechanism and engagement gears. If you have to, see if your friend will let you compare yours to his since his is working. It sounds like your problem is going to be pretty cheap to fix if you just take it apart yourself. :thumbsup:

Before you get too carried away it might be worth checking the starter relay and cable connections. It is located in the battery tray. The manual has a good troubleshooting guide for the starter motor and relay. Also the starter does not disengage like a car starter when it is not running. Instead there is a one-way clutch that is behind the flywheel that engages when the starter motor turns. I'm not sure what tapping on the starter does or if it's just a coincidence.

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