Will 650R carb fit/work on an XR600

Has anybody tried this? If so, how'd it go? Jetting changes? I mean to transplant the throttle and cables too.



I did have a 650 carb on my "old" XR600('97 ,HRC kit,660cc piston,Motard and Enduro),it was a nice improvement over the stock carb ,the big bore needed this,I think :devil:

I had to lean it out (think 62/162)to work well.You have to make custom inner cables,otherwise ok to install.A vented airbox is a must.Never run a pumpercarb on my 600's (now I have a very nice Mikuni TM40 on my XR650 Motard :awww:)but the 650 carb did work very well on the tuned 600 :thumbsup:

I already gave up and ordered a new TM40 and throttle after reading that the 650R carb is a 38mm vs the 600 being 40mm. I figured it likely wouldn't fit in my manifold boots, and after that who knows what jetting issues I might face. :thumbsup: So I took the easy way out. Well, I hope it's the easy way..

but thanks for the info.


I think the 600 carb is a 38mm ,the 650 a 40 :thumbsup:

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