News: McGrath riding KTM in ' and both report that MC will be Team McGrath Racing/Bud Light KTM, with Motonews stating it's a 4 year deal with MC riding 2 years and someone else riding for him the next 2. Can't imagine MC on a Katoom, but I think it's pretty cool, and everyone who has tried the '03 250 says it is a rocket. If he is competitive again on that thing it will be so great for KTM. I personally hope he does.

He can even leave his normal hair color and be color co-ordinated :)

I think its a good combo, and he might even be able to help KTM get those things to turn.

It will be interesting to read what MXA says about the new Katoom, with thier golden boy on it.

Figure that Mcgrath is in his twilite years of his carrer, he is most likely signed to ride as R&D (Research and Developement) two years is about right to get a bike at the level for a say Carmicheal ??????.

Much Like what Randy Mamola in RR has done for Cagiva, Team Roberts and so on.

Dowd is doing the same thing for KTM in the thumper arena. Plus you figure the 2 smokers only have a few years left in competive racing in America...

Hate to see him not blue, but orange is better than him turning YELLOW. :)

Well if it is not BLUE orange is the next best thing! Man, if he dye's his hair orange he will look just like RC :D ! The KTM's rock if you change the triple clamps and drop $1000 on fork and shock setup :) ---Mike

Jeremy is a great rider and ambassador for the sport of Supercross and MX. Although he is still an outstanding rider, his time on the podium in 02 was minimal. I've heard that the time off has done his arms alot of good.

He was hauling butt at the Mammoth Mountain Motocross. I did think it was kinda cheezy of him not wanting to race the open class because he only had a stock 426 to ride. I heard he was afraid Dubach would beat him. Kind of like a little kid....if I can't win, I don't wanna play.

I wonder what kind of $$$$$ they are coughing up for him. Yamaha offered him his same salary for 03 and he laughed at them. Pretty cocky for a guy who can't hold a candle to Ricky.

I'm convinced that even if he rode a Zuma scooter, he could finish in the top 10!!!



We see a super star at the twilight of his career.

Happened to Johnson, Ward, and all the greats.

Wardy got out on top Johnson got out on top.

I would hate to see MC struggling as he did this year with injuries. Fans turn first on the weak then set their sights on those that once where.

I hope that doesn’t happen here...

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Yzernie wrote: Jeremy is a great rider and ambassador for the sport of Supercross and MX. Although he is still an outstanding rider, his time on the podium in 02 was minimal.

Yznvegas: I don't think you can honestly say you think Jeremy is an ambassador for moto-x??? I mean, everyone knows he is a supercross rider first and moto-x has always been second fiddle for him. I don't think he would have ever entered any outdoor competitons if his sponsors didn't pressure him into it.

Don't get me wrong, I have cheered for #2 here in Vegas many times and I think he is awesome but I just don't think you can call him an ambassador to moto-x.

go up to a non motocross fan and ask them what comes to mind when you say Jeremy McGrath. most likely they'll say motocross or dirtbikes or supercross or something along that lines.

try that with hannah or stanton or ward or johnson, they wont know who youre talking about. mcgrath is a household name for the sport.

Originally posted by E.G.O.****:


We see a super star at the twilight of his career.

Happened to Johnson, Ward, and all the greats.

Wardy got out on top Johnson got out on top.

Didn't RJ break his wrist several times and end up running out of the top three for a year or two? Also, I thought Stanton beat him staight up before that?


Ego and some of you older guys may remember, but it seems that motocross riders are now hangin around long enough to stain thier reputations. A lot of guys were great and left great. Some seem to be hangin on now just long enough to look pitiful against riders 10-12 years younger. And we all know MX is a young mans sport.

Which leads me to this, Guy Cooper is amazing. Finishing top 10 in an AMA national at the age of 40, against guys that could arguably be young enough to be his kids. Truley amazing.

I'll never forget Coop at a Pasadena Supercross in the 80's. There was a section of woops that were created by the devil himself. Everyone including Magoo was slowing to a snails pace to get through. Coop comes out of the corner sideways and looks a little outa shape, off the back a bit, one foot in the air, throttle pinned. He goes into the section wide open in what was probaby third or fourth gear, and just kisses the tops of the entire section. Next lap, he lines up and nails the section tapped wide in fourth or fifth, and literally flys through the section. He did it lap after lap and was makin time on Magoo and the rest. He just ran out a laps. That was an amazing ride that night. I was and still am a total Danny "magoo" Chandler fan, but watchin Coop catch his crazy azz was hard to describe.

Well if MC goes to KTM, KTM will sell more motocross bikes.....hmmmm. That is why KTM wants him. I wonder what # he will be sporting for '03?

Originally posted by yznvegas:

I have cheered for #2 here in Vegas many times and I think he is awesome but I just don't think you can call him an ambassador to moto-x.

Where were you when MC was kicking everyones butt in SX *and* MX?? How can you possibly say he is not and has not been a good ambassador for MX?? MC is well spoken, looks professional (most of the time) and presents a favorable image for the sport and most importantly, his sponsors.

Just because he elects not to ride MX anymore does not diminish what he has done for the sport over the years. You need to look up ambassador in your Websters.


At the time when Jeremy won the MX title there was very little competition from anyone. Jeff Emig was his biggest rival and although I do like Jeffro that isnt saying much. Jeremy never had the competition of the likes of JMB, Stanton, Johnson, Bradshaw etc. I have no doubt that Jeremy in his prime could beat the present day RC on occassion. But the truth is RC is much more of an athlete, he has the natural talent of MC but also trains whihc is something that Jeremy never did until he started to lose. To little to late!!!! KTM&MC= lots of 6th place finishes

It amazes me how many people don't have a clue about Jeremy and the outdoors. Up until 1994 he admitted he never took it seriously and didn't try hard, this did not mean he was slow.

Then in 1995 when he got serious he won the title against a superfast defending champ LaRocco, ex-champ Keidrowski, Jeff Emig, Albertyn just off 3 world titles, Lusk, Henry (who badly injured himself), a fast Larry Ward, and a relatively young Dowd. Many of those were expected to beat him.

So, he only won 1 title people say. Yeah, but...

In 1996 he smoked everyone(LaRocco, Albertyn, Hughes, Emig-who won by default, Henry, Ward, Lusk) almost like Carmichael has this year and had a huge points lead until he tried to jump the unjumpable at Millville and broke his foot. Even after missing motos at 2 nationals he still had a chance at the title.

In 1998 he once again had the points lead (beating defending champ SX and MX champ Emig, Henry on the thumper, Albertyn, LaRocco, Lusk, Ward, and a motivated Windham.) until he found out he had broken a hand in SX and sat out to let it heal.

That should have been 3 titles for a guy who admitted he didn't like it, but wanted to prove he was the best. So tell me who is RC beating this year who is better competition? An older LaRocco? Privateer Kyle Lewis? A used to be also ran Ferry? Although RC is awesome and probably the fastest ever, this year's field is weak, that's just the truth.

Yes it was a bummer to see Jeremy quit mx, but you have to admit he had the right. He had whipped every comer in SX for eight years, excluding the year Suzuki bike problems cost him the title, and had single handedly raised the sport to a whole new level. What RC and Bubba have is due to McGrath, nobody else. He was and is a great ambassador for SX and MX, especialy since the newbie fan doesn't even know the difference between the two.

Dont Forget Dowd

And Thumper4life

Kid your 16, You probably think that Britney spearsfart-1.gif is the queen of rock or whatever she sings.


anyone who is anyone that loves the sport knows who the top dogs are and were. :D

hahaha, i used to....untill she walked out on a concert in mexico :) now i hate her :D

lol anyways, but thats why i said a non-motocross fan. i agree with you, anyone that loves this sport should know the heroes and what happened when they were around

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