First MX

Our local county fair is coming up and they are having a motocross this year during the week. I'm a blackjack dealer at a casino so I work every weekend so I've never had a can to race yet. I want to give it a try to have fun and see if it's for me. I haven't rode my bike too much but I have been trying to practice as much as possible. I usually just mess around at gravel pits.

The problem I have is cornering (especially to the right)! I come into the corner, apply the rear brake, and get back on the gas but I can't get my bike to make that quick, sharp corner like the rest of you do. I usually end up going wide. How do you get the bike to slide when making a right turn because your right foot is out? I also have trouble keeping the rear wheel from hopping over the berm. ANY motocross advice would be greatly appreciated so I don't look like a total fool out there. Can you tell I'm a beginner, maybe I should just stick to dealing

there is only one way to get bettre and quickly


Then decide if you can commit.

Also you are the only one that can judge how you will perform, ask yourself this.

sorry that ws kinda negative, just have fun

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use the front brake before the corner, no brakes in the corner...the ONLY time i use my rear brake is when im going to overshoot a berm or run into something and i NEED to stop.

otherwise, the best advice ive been given is to use the front brake 95% of the time, i only use one finger, that way im not pulling too hard and wash out. using the front brake also allows you to have your right foot out in a corner instead of keeping it on the rear brake

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I have grown really fond of the strong engine braking, thats what I use in the corners. Since your right foot is hanging out, just downshift with your left if you absolutely must brake.

This is how I do it, its not for everybody. I run into the right handers as hard as I can, pitch the bike sideways prior to the corner with the rear brake, and hang onto the brake as long as I can, before I feel the need to stick my foot out. Sometimes, I get through the corner without putting down my foot. Sometimes no.

To keep the front wheel in the berm, drag the front brake. I read it on a Gary Semics tips thing, and it works. I havent lost the front over a berm since I started doing this. It takes some practice, I lowsided the first three or times I tried it. Its definitley a finess' move.

Biggest help, get up on the tank for the corner. Dont worry, the gas cap wont get ya in the jewels, unless your some sort of a sack of potatos up the, and flail around.

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