motorcycle trivia

:thumbsup: In what year did honda have a reed block {reed valves} in a xr 500 ? :devil:

Do I win a prize if I get it right?? Or is this a serious question?

Id say mid-late 70's when they called a 2-stroke CR500 a XR500.

No properly designed 4-stroke engine would ever use a 'reed block'. Although its possible, it'd have to be on the intake side only, and have real valves for the exhaust side. I bet it'd rev pretty high, and have sweet throttle response!

MMMMMmmmm??? Maybe I could patend this idea??


you would have to figure out how to keep the reeds from opening when they're not supposed to on a 4-stroke. I'm personally wondering why they haven't figured out a way of using electric valves instead of mechanical ones. I bet a whole lot of top heavy weight can be removed with no cams, no cam chain, no tensioners, hmmmmmm :thumbsup:

78-82, IIRC, they used it so they could run more overlap. It really killed top-end though, too restrictive....

They used it in addition to the normal intake of the worst kluge's ever!

Good answer Rich. Just a few months ago i made this discovery. I before that point would have betted 100 bucks that no four stroke had ever--been built with reeds. and actualy boysen sells a kit for these applications. ordered a stator to day for the wr, wanted a rotor puller tool, but it was like they had a run on them ( i told him why } he also asked if i was sure my stator was bad? Da :thumbsup:

I'd love to see a picture or specs of a 1978 XR500. :thumbsup:

As far as I know, they made the 23" front wheel, XR500 from 1979 thru. 1980 and 1979 was the first year.

The clymer manual has a pic. but no specs. and dude you gave away my second trivia question. peace love & rock and roll. the rooster j :thumbsup:

You are right on that. dig the twin carbs on the 83, and why they didnt put a pumper carb on the xr in 81 is crazy instead the xl had it. yamaha question coming this evening. :thumbsup:

I believe Yamaha was the first to come out with the reed valve for a 2-stroke engine in 1972

You could be quite right on that, i have a 70 dt-1 and 73 setting here later one has reeds early dont. I belive they called that TORQUE INDUCTION . the small 100cc enduros made a funny sucking sound when they ran if i recall correctly. we will be talking TT 500 this afternoon. :thumbsup:

AAHHH, TT 500 was my first bike...can't wait! That bike was a hemorrohoid factory. Rear had like 2" of travel, and OOOOOHHHHHHH...that sweet metal tank !!! :thumbsup::devil::awww:

O.k. i couldnt wait any longer, here you go. dont actually know year model maybe the later years of production, on the head, was a sight glass something on the same order as the one on a cluth cover what was its function? :thumbsup:

A way of finding TDC?

:Dyou're dead's actually called the kick indicator! :thumbsup:

That last one was to easy, here goes one more. In bruce browns film on any sunday the desert racer that burned up his yamaha what size was the bike? {maybe too easy} :devil::thumbsup:

well I know this cause I used to have a 1972 Yamaha DT 360 that was just crazy on power. It was way scary. That 360 engine with the reed valve was just a rocket ship! I'll never forget the power that thing had!

are you talking about the reed valves? or answering the last trivia question? did your dt 360 engine ever run backwards? still looking for answer on yellow bike question. :thumbsup:

I guess every body had to watch the movie to get this answer. or nobody really cared about the prize.

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