motorcycle trivia

O.K. so the dt 360 would run backwards, i saw a mini enduro run backwards as well. this could be a feature exclusive to yamahas only!

Nope, any 2-stroke with the timing far enough advanced will run backwards. I had a buddy with a CR250 that would start backwards from never knew which way it would go! :thumbsup:

obvious question here.... did the bikes actually run backwards or????? how come? :thumbsup:

the best part is you dont know its running drop in gear and let the clutch out and a really big suprise. :thumbsup::devil::awww:

a 2 stroke doesnt care wich way it runs.when the timing is way off and just at the right point.when you go to start it they will back fire and spin back wards.alot of times you dont notice the back fire.

ive also seen one doit when climbing a small hill.just as the bike was about to die from being in to high of gear,whammo instant reverse. :lol:

it usually only old 2 strokes that ever have this problem.

Ok. There was a question four post back on a brothers chopper. watch carefully you might miss a question. :thumbsup:

sorry bout that!

pan head! :thumbsup:

Well the last question was so easy no one cared or knew it. Ill try another. really easy. what was the first liquid cooled bike to come over from japan? :devil:

Dirt or Street? My first dirt bike was a 1981 Yamaha yz125 and had water cooled engine...the radiator was behind the number plate and had some pretty interesting plumbing actually part of the triple clamps! My guess for a street bike would be 1978 Honda CX500

I am sure I remember them trying water cooling in the mid 70's,I think it was 125,s yamaha sounds right,but Kawisaki is sticking in my head for some reason...

dam I'm getting old :thumbsup:

All-right Good answer.... Next ---Bad Brad Lackey first rode for what other manufacturer before going to team green? :thumbsup:

CZ :thumbsup:

Brad Lackey rode for the Husqvarna factory in the early to mid 70's as I recall.

Bad Brad was a husky man! Long live team green though. Next??? In the 70s harley davidson was involved in motocross. what size bike did they build and how many years in production? :thumbsup:

Uhh, I didn't think Hardley Davidson ever actually built their own dirt bike? :thumbsup:

I have seen their 250 dirtbikes, and I am gonna guess it was around 1980 or so. (AMF era)


Ok, here is something I find on ebay, 1978, co-manufactured in Italy.


Pretty sure they had a 250MX bike in the late 70's, 1977 or 1978 but it I thought they were made in Europe.

Hey you both are pretty close, the mx 250 was harley/amf the green pic Brandon has is a sx, the lighted model. most any-amf bike was junk The production of the 250 mx was only 2 years i think(pretty rare ) somewheres in the 70s early 80s. I dont know it all,just some. have to have a tie braker here now. Next?? on the video motley crews girls girls girls the hollywood taxi was what? :thumbsup:

They even had a factory team, they should had persued m/x futher, harley always had a rich racing heritage. Two post back was the latest question. :thumbsup:

I thought the taxi was a Hardley?

Man, I dunno.

Everytime Motley Crue came on, I changed the channel!


Harly built a MX bike that used a setup like forks unstead of shocks on the rear,I dont think it actualy made it into production,The HD dealer in Topeka KS has one on display,its kinda goofy looking..

Pretty sure they had a 250MX bike in the late 70's, 1977 or 1978 but it I thought they were made in Europe.

They were made in Italy by Aeromacchi....

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