motorcycle trivia

A buddy of mine had a HD 2stroke 125 enduro "dual sport" I think it was around 75 it was probably the 1st real :lol:motorcycle I ever rode,bet he wishes he still had it.I believe it had a purple tank with huge AMF letters on it.....

Yes your right! It was a harley. Next? The expanion chamber builder bassani put a flag on their pipes what kind of flag was this? back in the 70s here. next will be another hannah question. :thumbsup:

lackey rode cz's too you goons!

he rode them before he ever rode that stinkin husky! :thumbsup:

Hey now goons is a little harsh. If i was lackey i would have rode any thing i could get my hands on except the harley mx 250 (slug) all i was going by was the back cover of a kids mx mag that had a liitle clip of bad brad and a old husky w/fox shocks. the first kaw he rode was the kx400 which maybe was the father of the kx 500. he stayed in a hut in some country over in europe for a while in training for the 500cc title. easy boy :thumbsup:

he was a factory cz rider 71-72.kawaski in 73,then husky 77-78.kaw again 79-80.81-82 on suzuki.

Thanks for clearing that up, i guess some of these pro riders hopped teams alot. Back to the latest question. the bassani chambers had a flag on them, what kind of flag was this. (era early 70s) :thumbsup::awww::devil:

Thumper stumper #1.....Lets move on. besides who has one of these old pipes laying around to look at? Next question, those old red and blue hard plastic boots that Bob Hannah wore alot back in his heyday was made by which company? :thumbsup:

scott boots.

i have no idea what flag it is.i have several bassani pipes,but the labels are gone.i cant remember what the flag looked like.

They even had a factory team, they should had persued m/x futher, harley always had a rich racing heritage. :thumbsup:

If Harley had continued racing motocross, we would NOT be riding such advanced machines today. They would have convinced the AMA to ban single shocks, rising rate suspension, cartidge forks, long travel, disk brakes, reed valves, power valves, twin cams, over head cams, flat slide carbs, tps', etc., so they could remain competetive. The Japanese factories would have pulled out. And there would be two or three Supercrosses each year. One of which would be at the LA Coliseum.


I think Bassani used an Italian flag, but, I could be wrong....

Yes those old scott boots. a little piece of americana. And motopete i dont know what would have happen if harley would have stayed in m/x? Rich baker no it was not the italian flag. good try anyway. Next ??? This motorcycle club hails as THE BIG RED MACHINE !!! who are they? :thumbsup:

Hells Angels :thumbsup:

Now, what was the name of the club (from the Hollister days) that evolved into the Hells Angels?

American Flag?

This a a dual reply. The only thing that comes to mind is "The boozefighters". and to the chamber question, no its not the american flag, but good try. ( thumper stumper} :devil: Next question ??? On the discovery channel show OCC the guy from texas that builds the fancy carbs like for fire bike and the liberty bike, whats his company called ? :thumbsup:


Devinci el correcto.. I think they could build a carb for just about anything. Before i go way back to the indain/harley wars, Next ?? On the cartoon wheelie and the chopper bunch wheelie was what kind of bike? :thumbsup:

wheelie was the bug,not a chopper.

beep beep! :thumbsup:

Hey i belive your thinking about herbie the love bug, not to be confused with the little bike wheelie. The chopper bunch was some bad dudes, like the time they put poor little wheelie on the ferris wheel at the circus. :thumbsup:

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