How much metal in the oil is normal? Does it ever stop?

I have had my 00 426 since new, and it always has a ton of metal in the oil filter. I changed the oil every ride for the first year, and for all of the times I have chanced it, there shouldn't be any engine left. All of the little folds in the filter have been about 1/16" full of metal particals each time I have taken it out.

Has anyone else seen this much metal? Will it ever stop?

Are you sure its metal or aluminum?

Anyway if what you say is true, dosnt matter if its metal or aluminum you should nt have the amount you talk about.

Something is rubbing, Get a magnetic drain plug this will catch the metal (If its metal) and not allow it to flo in the oil.

I have a new 02. Changed the oil 4 times. The first there was alot. Then it had gotten progessively less. I bought a magnetic oil drain bolt and will put that in on the next change. Have you checked the oil screen coming out of the frame? There could be a big chunk of metal in there that keeps breaking down over time.

However this does not sound normal to me.

Stay with me here, I had the same deal. Turned out to be my clutch hub. Not basket fingers. It was the steel insert that carries the splines. The steel insert came loose from the aluminum casting and was flopping around. The entire clutch basket was moving around enough to just touch the outer cover. After I fixed this, I get a lot less material in the filter. You'll always get some, but it should be more anecdotal that alarming in volume. If your clutch is funky, pop the outer cover off and make sure its not "loose". You'll be able to move it with your hands, but try a screw driver just to make sure.

if there are excessive amounts of metal int he filter,it is almost ALWAYS clutch related. int he engine, the only lage moving part that wears and is made of soft aluminum is the clutch assembly. Go with a hinson basket, plate, and hub, and you will be all set. The psiton is also a waering item made form aluminum, but it is extremely unlikely that chunks of it will wear off, most likely it is your clutch basket and hub, these stock parts are notorious for wearing and grooving up quickly.


While your looking at your clutch inspect your clutch plates, maybe a broken one. No way you would have that much crap in your filter from normal cluth wear. I only clean my oil filter every 2nd or 3rd oil change and there is still hardly any thing in it.

Thanks. I just replaced the clutch frictions, so I'll see if that helps. I am pondering the revloc clutch. Sounds like it is very cool. All that metal that has come out must have shaved off a couple of pounds. My bike is lighter (better) than yours. hehe

:) Probably will need a new tranny of something knowing my luck.

save your money on the magnetic drain plug

instead buy a flywheel puller

remove the flywheel and check the amout of metal stuck to the huge magnets in that.

Geez, a magetic drain plug only costs about ten bucks. :) I wouldn't want to have to pull the flywheel every time I drained the oil.

I get a little bit of metal on the magnetic drain plug every time I change the oil. Unnerving, but I've learned to live with it.

a flywheel puller costs about £10 and when u whipe thhe metalic sludge from ur removed flywheel you will know it was worth it

I put one of those moose magnetic plugs in on the last oil change, and Im due for one this weekend. Im curious about whats on it.

WR is a over a year old. Always has a line of particles on one or two pleats on the filter. I put a flywheel weight on a while back and it had very little stuff on it. Put a magnetic plug on when we did the "bulk buy" a few months ago and it has had very little crud on it.

Guess the filter is doing its job and I just don't worry about it anymore. If I ever find a bolt or a big chunk on the filter, then I'll worry. LOL

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