Fox Sponsorship application process

I wish I still got report cards and school pics to send in. :):D

My best advice.- Say the most with the least possible words.

I interview guys at work from time to time and if I see a resume that is too long and filled with usesless fluff I almost always push it aside. The FOX guys ( or whoever) are probably the same.

You know, THAT is an excellent post.

At Engine Ice, we get a ton of resumes...I cannot imagine how many they must get at FOX, FMF, Pro Circuit, Thor, etc...It must come in in BAGS!!

A couple of things I'd recommend (besides is...

Put the resume in a large 9x12 envelope. When you fold it into a letter, it's harder to file, manage and sort through.

Make it look PROFESSIONAL. If it has errors, typos, misspelling, shows a lack of attention to detail, and one might think that the same lack of attention might carry over to your bike prep, overall look, pit set-up, etc...Companies want to sponsor riders who look and act like a PRO, as stated in the suggestions from FOX.

BIGGEST THING...Do not expect FREE STUFF!! A very, very small percentage get free stuff. If you can beat Milsaps, Chisholm, Kiniry, Goerke, Skinner, Osborne...then you MIGHT get free stuff. Usually most companies give a good sized discount and the discounts vary due to your Skill level, where you race, level of events you race, etc...

I talk to alot of these company's rider reps and they all say the same thing.

When you get a sponsorship from one of these companies, take care of it. Live up to your word to promote them. A sponsorship is like a sales job, as if you're an employee of your sponsor. It's your job to make their product look good and to try and sell it to other riders.

The future belongs to those who dare...

Fox Sponsorship

Sponsorship applications for the 2003 season for all sports are being accepted beginning tomorrow, August 1st, through November 1st, 2002.

Lots of you (over 5,000 a year!) write to Fox Racing inquiring about sponsorship. How do you increase your chances of catching the eye of our Rider Support Department when seeking sponsorship? Here are some general tips, including examples of a resume and a letter of reference you should submit with your application packet.

Please note: there is no application form... send in your material as outlined below.

Applications for sponsorship are accepted via postal service only. Do not e-mail or fax in your material. Mail your application material to:

Rider Support

Fox Racing

18400 Sutter Blvd.

Morgan Hill, Ca. 95037

Applications for the 2003 season will be accepted from August 1, 2002 to November 1, 2002, with a return letter from Fox by November 15, 2002.

Your application packet should include these items:


two or three letters of reference from teachers, coaches, community/church leaders, employers (volunteer work DOES count)

report card (if still in school)

one action photo of you (wearing Fox gear doesn't hurt)

one head and shoulders photo (school photo will do)

Do not bother sending in videos or CD's... our Rider Support guys are too busy to view them.

See a sample resume and a sample letter of reference

All material should be presented in a professional manner..... take the time to do a spell/grammar check and be sure everything is legible. If you have lousy handwriting, type everything or print it out from a computer using the best quality white bond paper you can afford. Don't make the Rider Support guys struggle to read your material. Bind everything in a folder like an important school project so that it all stays together in an orderly fashion.

At the events, be sure that you and your crew act like professionals at all times.... our Rider Support team is constantly traveling, attending all the major amateur events and some lesser known events as well. They purposely do NOT advertise who they are many times, but they're out there and they notice athletes and crews who conduct themselves in a professional manner. Fox Racing is only interested in elite athletes who will represent our company with professionalism and dignity. If you're competing at a national amateur event, presume that a Fox Racing scout is watching you and act accordingly.

Who has the best chance of getting sponsored? Results are the bottom line. If you're in the top five in the amateur nationals in your sport, you're going to catch the eye of our scouts. If you aren't quite there yet, you may still send in your application material, but chances are BEST when you are in the top five of the amateur nationals for your sport.

Id like to ad something to what Egnicedave said.

A sponsorship deal IS a sales job. You have no other purpose to the company other than to promote thier product lines. Its not about you. Its about them. Ya gotta understand that. They have the money/parts/bikes you want, you have to give them something in return for thier investment. Its amazing to me, how many kids these days miss this stuff.

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