refinishing cylinder ... anyone know where?

I need to get my cylinder re finished, or should I say re coated with nicosil. Does anyone do this, or know of a good place that will bore it and coat it for a somewhat reasonable price??


check the ads in the back of the mx magazines, pretty sure there are a few reputable places that advertise there.

There was a huge discussion on this on DRN about a year ago. I have used Millenium Technologies twice and couldn't be happier. Both times they got it done BEFORE the date they promised.

The finished product was far better than any factory job I've ever seen.

On the DRN discussion I seem to recall that USchrome and Millenium both did great work but Millenium was more consistent with a shorter turn around time. I remember that Boyesen porting stated that they had used Millenium about 75 times in one year with no problems.

Call them both and decide for yourself.........

Millenium has done two for me and one for a friend. All were absolutely perfect. I highly recommend them and after the quality , price, and time frame that I got, well lets just say that they really BLEW IT for all the other companies that do this process. Not to say other companies aren't just as good at what they do, but when I find someone this good, I'll stick with them.

Go through Eric Gore. You will want to go big bore (444) or get a new cylinder. It will go through US chrome. The big bore is great and has had no reliability issues after a year of use. The power is monster and easier to rideand start. They ported the head too. 13.5:1 and runs better on pump gas than stock. It was around $400 for the whole package I think? I may be wrong ----Mike

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