650L rack - need more weight

I am looking for a rack for the rear fender on my L. I have seen the one at BD but are there any others. I just want something to attach my sleeping bag/ tent to. Thanks.

This one looks pretty nice. Haven't tried it though.


Type in part # 10-50-09 in the keyword search. It retails for $81, and nothing on the bike needs to be moved/removed. They will state last fitting was performed on a '99 L, but they haven't changed through '04.

May be slightly heavier than the aluminum alternatives, but would be stronger, and is definitely cheaper. Seems like the better choice if you aren't a welder/fabricator.

This was taken from a post I saw before. :thumbsup:

Thanks, this one is more in my price range.

I have this rack at home. I have an FMF 'Q' exhaust slip on. The rack assumes stock exhaust. The brackets won't clear the FMF :devil:. You may want to call and ask about it if you have an aftermarket exhaust.

Just FYI.....

Cheers! :thumbsup:

Mike in KC

Not sure how much weight you can put on there- some serious luggers have broken the fender support subframe by loading up too much.

Good advice. I just ordered the Big Gun Quiet and will check clearance first.

I don't plan on more than 10-15# on the rack.

I bought one of those racks for my XR650L. The price was right. It doesn't fit exactly right, it's slightly off when installed, and needed some juggling to install. I mention this because someone else on another forum complained about it, and he was right. But it works, and it's only $80. Get lockwashers, because my screws vibrated loose after a long trip.

Get one of those $5 plastic folder crates from Wal-Mart that look like milk crates. Cut off the sides (maybe), then tie it to the rack. Or, better yet, go to OfficeMax and get a metal office stationary rack. Cut off the legs, and then place this on the bike rack. Put the bottom part of that plastic crate on top, and now you have a 11 x 14 area to tie a sleeping bag on the back.

If you want to see my loaded bike, go to advrider, post 19 in this thread. I rode 1500 mi. in 7 days, including at least 300 mi. of easy dirt.

Check the post I have in the for sale section "XR650L Parts". I have a rack (that fit even when I installed my Yosh pipe) plus some other goodies. All very reasonably priced. :thumbsup:

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